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Nov 30, 2003
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I'm about to step out and get the AHA cuticle eraser for my friend. Her cuticles are chewed and nicked and the nail is very soft. Thought to recommend that she uses an intensive treatment for cuticles...... Here is the question

I was offered Avoplex oil from Opi (?) and was told it is pretty much the same as Solar Oil. Or AHA cuticle eraser, unless I'm mistaken AHA cuticle would only be for her cuticles, it wouldn't do anything for the softness of her nails? What is your opinion on both products? What I'm trying to do is since it is fairly expensive I'd like the one that will act on an overall basis to benefit both cuticles and nail. I read that Techs swear by Solar oil (unfortunately she's all out of it..... roll )

Need help because I'm doing my friend's manicure tonight at 7.00.... wink
Has either product been tried by you ladies? oops
I use both products. I use Cuticle Eraser and Solar Oil together in my manicures to create a moisture pack before heated mitt treatment.

If your client is looking for homecare and wears enhancements then the SolarOil is a must. If she is a natural nail client then I would advise the Cuticle Eraser and Solar Oil but - one in the morning and one at night - if she insists on only one then I would say Solar Oil.

As to the differences between OPI Avoplex and Solar Oil - they are not the same. Avoplex is based on Avocado oil and Solar Oil is Jojoba oil based. Jojoba oil is better and the Solar Oil smells much better than the Avoplex (well I think so LOL).
ty for the input, I can't locate any distributor of Solar Oil.....!!!! It disappears like hot cakes. If I'm understanding this right, Solar Oil contains jojoba oil, vitamin E and sweet almond oil.......if I buy pure jojoba oil and open up fresh capsules of vitamin E and add sweet almond oil, basically I will have the desired effect. I just located pure jojoba oil for a format of 30ml for 10.95 Can $. I could charge my client for the jojoba oil and the rest I have at home.

What do you think? )
the jojoba oil used in solar oil is of the highest quality that money can buy.
it contains the finest particles & it acts as a "piggy-back" carrier oil to pull the other ingredients down with it.
if other products r cheaper u can guarentee that the quality of the jojoba oil isn't the same.
the particles need to b small enough to penetrate both the natural nail plate & the enhancement.
creative teach tech's to inform their clients that as it takes 24-48 hrs for the enhancements to fully cure, they must treat them with extra care during this time.
to enable the enhancement to cure as quickly & safely as possible, solar oil should b used 2-3 x a day for the 1st 2 days after application.
the solar oil helps to block out oxygen from the molecular chains of the product while it is curing.
other, cheaper, therefore inferior cuticle oils may moisturise the skin & smell pretty, but the will NOT penetrate the natural nail & most definately won't penetrate the enhancement.
so, if the client wears enhancements she NEEDS solar oil to get the best from her nails.
or if the client has natural nails she needs;
solar oil to deeply nourish her nails & skin.
cuticle AHA eraser to exfoliate any dead skin surrounding her nails.
"toughen up" nail strengthener to improve the condition of her nails.
& to complete the package either solar silk or 1 of the "scentsations! to keep her hands gorge!
sorry, it was essay length as usual :shock: !!!
lol liza xx
Creative products are sold by Monarch Beauty supply in Canada.
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