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Aug 12, 2003
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Hi guys! Was just wondering how often you recommend the Creative Spa Manicure and Pedicure?

What do you offer as basic versions of these, using which products etc. how often would you recommed these also?


Thanks. Tamm
....SpaManicure can be every week if you wish but most of the time there is no real need for that! Twice monthly or once every 2 weeks should suffice! The SpaManicure is a 45minute treatment; you can offer the basic SpaMan (£15-£20) using the normal 4 steps and also offer a Luxury SpaMan and include hot wax dip and a massage with a Creative Scentsation of their choice (£25) - tailor this exactly how YOU want to ;) Offer lemon teas or lemon sherbets as a cute add on - pop coloured stones or shiny pebbles into the soaking bowls so your client has something to 'mess' with whilst she is in the Citrusoak!!

I personally have a SpaPed monthly BUT if the client has really bad calluses, you may need to get them in more until the Sea Serum has taken effect (massive difference after JUST TWO peds!!! :!: ) SpaPed should be an hour but if you do a basic SpaPed you could get away with maybe 50mins; basic price should be around £25 - for the SpaPed use Foaming Sea Soak and Sea Rocks together in the spa bath (although not FSS if it is a whirlpool bath); use Sea Scrub, Sea Serum, Massage Oil and do the usual 'meticulous manicure' on the toes!! I have left out the best product of all - MARINE MASQUE!! When doing a Luxury SpaPed include the all the above products but ALSO Marine Masque, Sea Salt Glow and Cucumber Heel Therapy - also give your client the choice of EITHER Massage Oil or Massage Silk!! Now you have an easy way to explain the differences between normal / luxury - make luxury a definite hour if not a little longer!! :shock:

Both Creative Spa systems have the laminated step-by-steps (I have not written the above in absolute order) so follow procedure!! (btw you can serve pepermint teas and mints with SpaPed)... anyway the best SpaPeds I have EVER had are the ones done by teks who totally enjoy the experience themselves :thumbsup: - really get into it and enjoy - I guarentee your clients will re-book!!!

Hope all of this helps you! ;)
thank goodness i can rely on you mrs geek
about an hour ago, i read the post on spa & as this is one of my fav subjects(it bloody should be, as it was my subject for my final presentation :shock: ), i set about writing (essay length) a step by step for the whole menu range on our price list.
20 mins later i had some "mummy" duties to do(you don't want to know) :shock:
nearly 1hr later i returned to my task, & v.impressed with the final draft, i submitted it.......
:evil: :fire: to my horror, i had been logged off in my(pretty long) absence.
so, i logged back on & went to see if anyone had answered the post,.
which brings me full circle, as you have done a pretty fine job mrs geek, i havnt got to rewrite the whole episode!
lesson of the day, DO NOT LEAVE MID-POST!!!
lol liza xx
Thanks for the tips! Its given me a few more ideas to mull over! The coloured stones idea is good. My hubby had already suggested that and they are great for the clients to play with as they soak! Excellent idea with the refreshments too! As I've decided to work from home this would be ideal, really make them comfy!! I definately agree with what you say about the best mani/pedi is one that is done by a tek that really enjoys it! This gives me some confindence as I am a newbie and a little nervous, but seeing that I love pampering people and making their hands (and shortly feet) to look, smell and feel good and looooove massaging them then I should be ok!!

I was quite surprised at the prices of the spa mani and pedi, being higher than I expected. Should you charge less if you are working from home? I lived in warwickshire so I wasn't entirely sure how much I should be charging. - any ideas? Do you have set recommendations for specific locations or is it a case of work it out ourselves?

hi , i was surprised about the prices to charge too, if i charged that it would make me the dearest in my this ok? vic
,,,you guys need to be competitive. We had a discussion about salon v home and prices! If I remember correctly, we agreed that if it is a professional enviroment, you should be charging about the same :? You know your areas - I don't :rolleyes: charge accordingly :D
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