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Aug 12, 2003
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Could you give me some ideas as to what products I should get and how to use them i.e. manicure routine - which product when etc from Creatives ranges i.e. spa manicure and solar.

What for instance would you use to moisturise the nail plate itself? which products would you use with the heated mitts? What variations could I do with the products?

:D As noone had answered about Alessandro I'm now contemplating Creative again!!!

TC said:
:D As noone had answered about Alessandro I'm now contemplating Creative again!!!


Hi Tamm,

me again LOL. I have never used the Alessandro range so I could not comment.

Will you be going to Excel, if so then there will be most if not all of the companies you could ever wish to talk to.

The Creative Spa Manicure is a complete range in itself - you buy a kit which comes with full instructions and then you can replace individual products as and when needed.

The Solar range is separate and the products can be used individually as can the spa range, I think.

I think you could be looking here at two or more separate Menu items for your services.

1. My basic manicure would include say Solar oil massaged into the cuticles and maybe also Solarbalm, then Solar Butter for dry hands or solar silk for not so dry hands, then into the heated mitts for 5-10 mins.

2. A more Luxurious Spa Manicure would include the entire Spa Manicure Range.

This is just a suggestion. At the moment as I have mentioned to you before I use the Jessica range but in the future I will look more closely at the Creative Solar and Spa ranges as I only really like the Jessica nail treatments - ie. Restoration, Fusion etc. I am not that enthusiastic about the other products - oil, cuticle cream, lotions etc.

Hope this gives a bit more insight for you.
You sound like me! I've been looking more at natural nail care and am always leaning towards the prescriptive nail care that companys like Alessandro offer! Jessica always appealed too. Its difficult to find a range that suits all your wants of a manicure!

I'm hoping to go to the nail show in Sep but wondering if its such a good idea being swamped with so many choices! I can't seem to find a range that will do all that I want. I.E. treatment of brittle nails, cuticle removal, hand treatments, nail moisturisers etc.

I would like to find it with creative but still unsure. At this point its a choice between creative, kyido and alessandro - any ideas anyone!!! lol


TC said:
I would like to find it with creative but still unsure. At this point its a choice between creative, kyido and alessandro - any ideas anyone!!! lol



Hi Tamm,

Of the three I would without doubt go for Creative - based purely on gut feeling rather than experience of all three products.
hiya tamm :D
i used jessica products for 10 yrs & had a lot of success with their prescriptive system, apart from the problem of keeping so many different bottles in good condition with quite a big no. of staff.
the idea is to keep the bottles topped up to avoid them thickening.
when i switched over to creative products, i must admit i thought we may encounter some resistance from some clients, but we didnt notice any change in the condition of any of our clients nails.
hope this helps
lol liza xx
SpaManicure is a treatment that improves the look of the skin and nails immediately. At the product launch many years ago, we did a SpaManicure on many of the editors of the consumer and trade magazines, at London Bridge. We only did one hand and arm and not both. Without exception they could tell the difference immediately by the look and the feel and days later we were getting phone calls to say how amazing the results were. And these Beauty Editors have tried everything.

It is highly moisturising and is good for ALL nail types ... no matter what type of nails the client has, the prescription is suitable for all.

I think some nail technicians love the 'diagnosing' part of a prescriptive manicure and can't get to grips at all wih the idea that one product such as Creative 'Toughen Up' (nail strengthener) can be perfect for ALL types of nail problems. I can understand that, but sometimes 'keeping it simple' isn't a bad thing (certainly not on the pocketbook). Especially when it works.

Also Creative enamels never need to be topped up or thinned down to keep them in good condition... which is also easier on the purse.
Hi Tamm

I use both CreativeSpa products and Solar Manicure products to provide my clients with a choice of manicure. I love both the ranges and so do my clients, but my personal choice is the CreativeSpa :D . I also include options on heated mitts or paraffin wax to expand my service menu.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of what can be offered please pm me :) .

Shaza B
I'm in agreeance with Geeg (again!).....I decided to go for Jessica products, same reason as given buy others ie. the Prescription Manicure. How can one treatment treat every problem?

Well having spent an absolute packet on the Jessica range - getting the homecare products in for retail as well - I found that my clients just weren't interested in further outlay on the homecare products often mounting to a further £20.00! Then after about 6-8wks they would then be needing to buy a different treatment basecoat. On top of this, because I also use CND products, I found it really difficult retailing Phenomen Oil at £5.00, whilst retailing Solar Oil at £2.75! Now forgive me for saying, but I don't think Phenomen Oil has anything extra in it!

Anyway, going back to my agreeance with Geeg, sometimes simple things are in actual fact better. I do my basic mani using Jessica products - purely to use them up, but my other mani's all use the CND prod's. Plus I find the CND nail varnish lasts much better.

I think the interesting thing is that even Fiona is thinking differently about Jessica, as Fiona has always been very pro this Company.

All the best in what you decidel.
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