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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
Hi All,

I'm just wondering if Mr :fro: or Mrs :queen: Geek could tell me how much a Creative Conversion course is?

I originally trained with Cetuem in Fibreglass & Gel and then I did an L&P course with K-Sa-Ra. Although I feel that this training was sufficient for me to be able to perform treatments, like most other teks out there I still think I've got soooooooo much to learn :thumbsup:

I use NSI Simplicite for my L&P but as someone mentioned on another message you need to be trained with Creative before using Creative products.

After being on this site I have found that nearly everyone has either been on a Creative course or is going on one and I personally do not want to be left at the back of the cue when British Nail Tech of the Year is handed out!!!! ;)
Me too! I would be very interested in hearing the cost for a beginner and conversion course in Creative, and also where the venues are. The problem with these courses generally (not necessarily Creative but many of the ones I have looked into) seems to be that there is usually a fair distance to travel to get there :( and then the couse is held over several different days, some weeks apart :? which all adds considerably to the cost of the course :huh:
a Creative Coversion course costs £67.50 + VAT according to my CND course brochure.... it also says this includes a professional kit worth £120

Hope thats right! lol! Im quoting from the course brochure!

Firstly we shall thank Layla for her input - bless her ;) and I'd just like to say that yes, many of the nail teks on this board have trained with or converted to Creative. There are also many talented teks who use other products too. I am always thrilled when someone takes an interest in Education as it is a subject I LOVE and beleive in passionately.

OK - the conversion course as Laystar rightly says, is £67.50 - this is the cost of the Professional Kit which contains ALL products plus enough L+P to do at least 40/50 sets - excellent value!! All prices btw do NOT include VAT (17.5%). The Foundation Course is 4 days (3 run back to back) 4th held 3 weeks later - this is £425.00 and includes the Professional Kit AND the Nail Trainer. We will be changing this course to 5 days and including the Next Step Class within it; the price WILL go up. We have kept it the same for almost 3/4 years!! Please call 0113 275 0433 and speak to a dedicated Academy Adviser if you want to get a copy of the new Lifelong Learnung Brochure plus where all Academies are based.

Really hope this helps AND ... you'll be pleased to know that we have been nominated for 'Best Training' this year by our fantastic customers so THANK YOU all who voted, it would be brilliant to win but it's a privelege that we have been nominated by you in the first place!!!! :thumbsup:
im so glad that creative are best trainers of the year as im doing my conversion course in 12 days time :study: and i cant wait .
..thank you for replying to my message :thumbsup:

As I'm already 'trained' in L&P would I still need to go on the Foundation Course? I thought that the Conversion courses were for people that already knew how to apply tips etc. I would love to come on the Foundation Course but as I've got a 4 month old baby money it is a huge problem :(

I'm also just about to embark on doing my NVQ so would you suggest doing one thing at a time or do you think it would be a good idea to do the 2 together?

You're answers are very much appreciated!! :D
Depends on a couple of things:

How long youve been at this shtick....
What education qualifications you hold.

If either or both are sufficient... then just do the conversion.
If not... you will be required to do a FDFC.

I know its a pain, but in the long run it makes you a better technician and allows us to prevent 'yahoos' from wrecking nails with our system.

Chances are... you will only need the conversion (a very good course and mucho bang for the buck... or rather punch for the pound!)

Anytime Nail Chicha ;) lol :D

That will be fantastic to include the Next Step class in the foundation much easier!! Looking immensely foward to my CND training :):):)

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