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Mar 24, 2006
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I placed an order last Tuesday for some skincare products and the money was taken off my credit card the following day it has been a week now and the order has not arrived I have left loads of messages for the person that took the order and I have heard nothing back.

Normally I wouldn't be panicking after a week but considering the company aren't answering my calls and the order was nearly £200 I am going crazzzzzzyyyyyy !!

So does anyone know if my credit card company will re-imburse me the money if I don't receive the order (like they do with fraud etc) I have tried calling them but am just on hold so thought id ask here in the hope that someone would know.
I work for a bank and yes they will phone your bank explain what has happened and what procedures you need to take to put a claim in. You said you purchased online, so you will need to print off your'e order as the bank may want a copy of it. Good luck I am sure you will be ok :hug:
Thanks :)

I didn't purchase online it was over the phone and the credit card is not held with same company that I have bank account with, does that make a difference ?
I should not think so, You should still be able to put a claim in, contact your credit card company, I am sure there is insurance on this sort of thing, if for some reason they don't let you claim then if you have home insurance you could possibly claim on that as well, its really going to take you a few phone calls, you should notify your credit card company anyway in case that company uses it for something else as it is fraud.

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