Dangers of eyelash extensions


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Nov 3, 2011
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I'm just doing my training on them at the moment and have on my second ever application (done by another student). Interesting that some people are apparently skipping the patch test, would that not mess up your insurance?
How do they know that, it could be an assumption? Unless a survey had been carried out then and even these aren't always accurate. There is no evidence to back up that claim.

It is necessary check with your insurance company and the manufacturer with regards to patch testing. Some companies and insurance companies don't require a patch test as the glue is not designed to go on the skin. If a patch test is required apply few lashes at the outside corner of the eye and leaving for 24 hours is a way to do it.
Not too bad considering it was a DM article. It showed the mistake in not having a patch test, and at the end has good advice. Babtac response very disappointing, we have more than enough regulation. And the lady says she works in beauty but she's in aesthetics, two different professions. At the end of the day it needs to have a patch test, the number of insurance claims is too high and companies should step up and be responsible.
Did anyone see 24 hours in A and E this week? Ouch!!

I am trained/qualified in Semi Permanent eyelash extensions and it's a treatment I feel confident to do aesthetically well but having said that it's not one that I carry out any more (professionally or otherwise). My reason for this is that even with patch testing and suitable application and aftercare, there's no guarantee that a person won't have a bad reaction. I just think that the eyes are too precious to be taking that sort of risk with. Also, as someone who wants to teach in further education, I don't fancy the task of supervising a class of thirty on a treatment where if it goes wrong it can go really wrong.

In fairness I think that a treatment is only as safe as the person doing it and I'm not dissing lash extensions and the people who do them. I'm just saying that for me personally and professionally, I just really don't want the responsibility considering the area of the body being worked on.

Hope my post doesn't offend, I'm literally just offering my opinion on what I feel and what is comfortable for me. I say that as a non daily mail reader.

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