Dashing Diva sanding sticks?


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Karen Minx

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Jun 18, 2008
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These bright pink sticks which are supplied in the DD kits, are all you DD users using these?

I have seen them before on the likes of ebay and thought they were for etching around the cuticle area before application of enhancments.

I have never been shown how to use one has these were not covered on any of the courses i have taken but i used one on myself today before i applied a set of acrylics to myself (i always get lifting on a new set on my wrong hand, so hoping this may help)

Are these ok to use or will they eventually cause thinning of the nail plates? Or am i just using them wrong?
Sanding sticks were developed to be used so you could file away any excess product UNDER the nail plate . They are not for using on the surface of the nail plate .. They are far too harsh a grit for that purpose and will definitely cause damage to the plate. They are however very handy sometimes if you need to clean up under the free edge.
Thankyou geeg. Thats handy to know has i have had a blob or two sneak under the nail plate and not always had my electric file at hand. Normally when i try and do sculpts, which i am still practicing.

Dashing Diva instructions says to use to remove non living tissue around the nail plate. :eek:

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