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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Well I was so chuffed when I got my Professional Nails mag this morning and woohooo..............
And on page 49 is a fab article, 2 pages no less................
Our Dawnie!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this makes up for the lack of piccie of her in the scratch magazine , Nails Competition hall of Fame...........Her name is there but alas no pic, shame really, as there was a right muddle about who won, and only when Dawnie got her scoresheet did she realize that she had got 3rd place also, it would have been a tied 3rd........
The pictures where taken but they just didn't seem to make it into the mag somehow...................

But never mind, Dawnie looks great in this one and so does Mullie, oh boy he is so handsome and so hugable.........and yes he loves a hug, followed by a biccie lol........

Well she knows how I feel about her and her determination ........
Great gal, great nails and a great Pal!!!!!
yay congratulations dawnie!! dont you just admire her determination what a gal!! {{{hugs}}} :D
lovely big pic dawnie, well done you, and well done to professional nails too!
Well done Dawnie, great write up. You are also in Professional Beauty. You are an inspiration to us all!!!! :D

Mel xx
Oh boo hoo I havent got that mag yet but would love to have seen the article well done Dawnie im so jealous it's one of my ambitions to appear in one of the nails mags with my nail art - I wish maybe one day my dreams will come true!!! But a big congrats to Dawnie Would be cool if someone could scan the pics to show us!!!
Thanx girls :D

I think we all inspire each other if it wasn't for Ruth I would not have done half what I have she makes me believe in myself she gives me the confidence to do what I thought I never would like comps I thought no way hosay lol but now I can't wait till the next one.
I might not be able to hear but boy do I like to get noticed lol

So cheers girls for all your help and kind words

Loves ya
Dawnie xxxxxxxx and Mullie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
well done hun,

haven't seen it got a funny feeling my subscription has run out oops, must get on to that,
Love Paula xx
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