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Dec 16, 2003
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Hi all,
Just been on the daylight companies web site as I want one of their portable lamps - but blow me their now £43 squid plus VAT and packaing, now I am sure I have seen the very same lamp by the very same company in Ellisons and Sallies for around £29 - can anyone comment or help...

Otherwise I am just gonna buy a daylight blub for my little old lamp i use now
ive got the portable daylight lamp the one that the arm folds up i got it for £29 from ellisons page 325 e325 portable daylight lamp ............. its really good
just looked in this months sallys offers mag and they have £5off so £24.99....... so sallys is a good bet
Love OPI said:
just looked in this months sallys offers mag and they have £5off so £24.99....... so sallys is a good bet
Thanks hun, I'll go this weekend...
Just make sure you dont use any UV active products with it ;)

I use this lamp with bio sculpture and haven't found it to be a problem regarding it curing the gel (if that's what you mean).

The only thing that I find with this lamp is that the light does not spread far enough - I have to have had to put another light opposite it to cover the other side of the nail. I dont think that it is specifically designed for nail technicians, just for anyone doing close-up work that need natural light.

Regarding price, I bought it direct from the manufacturer and queried their prices on the web site. I managed to buy it for £29 + VAT.

It looks great and is light and portable but I would think twice about it.

Just my experience.

All the best
yup, thats what I mean. Most liekly Bio Scuplture uses a low active photoinitiator... but it will still slowly affect the product, hopefully not enought o where you would see any problems, but still be mindful. Other products which user higher active photinitators will have more dramatic and quicker side effects.

Good Luck ;)
I have just bought one from Sallys, but didn't check my receipt and found that the discount hadn't been given. I had to ring and hopefully they will refund my card. Just check your receipt!

I will use mine for hobbies as well as nail work, but when we trained with Calgel, we used this light which seemed great. Hope I won't be disappointed!
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