Dealing with no shows, how to stop their missed appts.


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Stephanie Lee

Jun 30, 2003
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:hit: I am extremely perterbed about the amount of clients that are missing or giving me 30 min notice about cancelling. My income has been affected badly. How do I let these women know that I can't keep putting up with this? I want to put a professional sign on my desk and any suggestions would be great. Many thanks! :D
This is a sore subject for many. My dentist, my medical doctor, my eye doctor ect blah ect blah. Heck, my dentist and I were chatting bout this 6 months ago and he pulled up the books on the office PC and showed where approx $ 1200.00 worth of appointment time is missed in a typical WEEK.
I love it when nail techs talk about if only the public would treat them as the professionals that they are ---- the public treats professionals pretty darn badly Truth Be Known.
what is the solution --- many ideas and suggestions abound throughout the land, yes they do ,,,,
BUT only one that actually WORKS.
You phone them up and confirm the appointments the day before.
Oh dont tell me I'm daffy ---
my dentist does it, my medical doctor does it, my eye doctor does it.
and Super Nail Tech and Crazy Woman OLLIE does it.
It works.
Ollie is right!!

It works, and if they don't confirm then you have a day to fill the appointment.

Yes it takes time but running a business doesn't stop at 5pm.
WOW! So simple and yet I never even considered that! :oops: :rolleyes:
I do this too - it does work. Also you can ask them how their nails are and have some idea of how much work there will be or if they want to book extras.

We also give out appointment cards for them to pin up.

I phone up clients that are new,also i have a 24 hr cancellation policy of 50%...
This might sounds like like I'm busy all the time! I wish!!!!!!!!!!
But Thur through to Sat I'm full to bustin. when I can not fit some one in I ask if they would be available if a canx came up? If they say yes I explain that I have a wait list and I will contact them the before 10 on the morning they wish to come. I ring all my bookings before 9.30 to check if they are coming. I then ring my wait list customers (even if no one has canx) and slot them in.
hiya karen :D
well done.... what a wonderul system!
the only time we do this is the weeks running up to xmas.
but, as you've proved, theres no reason it can't b an on going routine!
lol liza xx
Hi Lisa
I'm new fairly new to the nail business (9 months) I'm doing Bio Sculpture Gel Nails and now want to do L&P. I am very ambitious and want to stand out from the other salons in Warrington. Struggling wIth the Essential Sculpt course I bought, just can not get the mix right, I think. Everything ok on the Nail Trainer, but tried a couple of sets on real people (mates)(they think the nails are great, but they are not fussy like me) totally different when you have a warm hand. But I am not one to give up! I will be good at this if it kills me! I want to do competitions how & were does one start?

Trying hard
:idea: Just an idea for those of you who are 'jammed' at the end of the week and not as busy as you would like to be at the beginning of the week :idea: This really worked for me.

So many ladies think that like hair, they must have their nails done just before the weekend ... so unnecessary and what we want to do is have some room at the end of the week for the ones who last minute, want a full set because they have something 'on' at the weekend. I just couldn't stand turning people away.

Or you think your book is full when you open up on Tuesday to find that after an hour so and the phone has never stopped ringing, you have nothing to do but are now solid and working overtime on Friday or Saturday. Sound familiar?

:idea: I offered a reduced price (this was only for maintenance) to those who would be willing to come in on a Tuesday and Wednesday between 8:30am and!
I didn't reduce it much (5 I think) BUT it worked like a miracle and what ever I 'lost' on the reduction was more than made up for by the full sets we could now fit in at the end of the week. :idea: Really worked for me.

I love it!!! I am going to implement a reduced price on my rebalances at slow times during the week!!!

You Rock!!
You do your own thing of course, but for me ... these appointments were only for maintenance and only for regular customers. New appointments for full sets did not get the 'deal'.

It was amazing how many customers who could never make it on a Tuesday or Wednesday and always changed their appointments suddenly could keep these appointments regularly!!!

Hope it works for you, Rhonda. By the way it is so nice to see you on the message board. I have missed ya!!
I am definitely going to offer this in my salon!!! the last two days I have been mega busy but tues/weds I lose count of the time I polish my surfaces!!! thank heavens for this website! Jx
I think all these ways are really cool. I too get really bugged at people who are late for their appointment as well as those who just don't turn up. I am afraid though that I don't stand for it. I'm completely straight with my clients - new and old - that if they mess me around I will charge them!

So my policy is if a client is more than 15 mins late :evil: without a phone call or valid reason that was out of their control I charge them £5!!! If they don't turn up at all :gun: there's not really a lot you can do about it unless they call you after and rebook another appointment. If this happens to me then I charge the client £10!!! It is truly amazing that the clients who were always late are now on time because they don't want to pay any extra. I've also not had as many no-shows either.

The problem with doing this is that you have to be strong willed. I am a very strong personality (some of you who have read about my run in with the NSS will know what I'm talking about!!!!!!!!!!!) and I do stick to my policy even if it is with a close friend. I'm not saying it would work for everyone but it works for me.
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