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Feb 26, 2014
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Hi lovely people ,I'm having a nightmare with decals .for some reason the gel tip coat keeps lifting of within a few hours of putting them on I've tried putting hard gel over the top which will stretch them to a couple of days but I'm getting no where near making them last a fortnight .I can't understand where I'm going wrong .these started lifting after a couple of days with hard gel over the top the normal gel polish as stayed put as I always get 2-3weeks out of normal gel manis .please help


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Unfortunately I had the same problem and never found a solution so had to stop offering decals [emoji17]
I wouldn't use hard gel over gel polish, but is the decal overhanging the nail at all? This might cause peeling/lifting. I would make sure there is no overhang anywhere and top coat twice with capping.
All I can think is that the decal isn't totally dry... I use water decals a lot and I usually will put them all on and let them dry for a couple mins or put them by a fan... Also if you use a paper towel to push them down it'll help dry it then do your top coat... If there is any moisture the gel will lift
You can use hard gel over gel polish... It'll just make it easier to remove
Thank u ladies .I'm wondering if it's a moisture issue .I never give that a thought and yeh I have been letting abit hang over so I won't do that in future .thanks again ladies I thought I was cracking up lol x
I've had someone ask me for Marilyn Monroe decals on their gels and was worried about having to soak them in water to release them from the backing paper, is it best to slide onto the gels wet and then pat dry, or has anyone tried trying the decal first and then placing it on the gel? X
Pinkiepixie I have just tried again after my resent failure and I've have just put the decal over gel and I put it on top of sticky layer then dried it with my little nail foil hair dryer and top coated it and the gel top coat hasn't lifted again : )
What layer of the gel mani do you apply them to? As I've found applying them to the second coat of colour removing the inhibition layer works best. Once the decal is on and fully dry topcoat and it will last
Ahh pleased it hasn't lifted this time and thank you for letting me know how it went!
I like decals I find the thinner decals stay down longer. Some thick spongy ones ping back up quicker. It's embarrassing when your work is a flop because of these things!
When I first started out on my manicure course using lacquers, my mum would ask for nail stickers as well, and some would start to pull away from the polish no matter how much top coat I put on and made them look awful after only a day, glad I don't have to use them on lacquer anymore as my mum now lives for her gels and moyou stamps lol
I like decals I find the thinner decals stay down longer. Some thick spongy ones ping back up quicker. It's embarrassing when your work is a flop because of these things!

I agree, I had some 3D type flower stickers, a really good make, they would somehow work their way thru shellac topcoat and I wouldn't have thought that was possible!
Yea me too I've just had to put them in my draw and never use them again. Thick spongy ones are a waste of money
Sorry to jump in on post- where is the best place to buy decals from?
Your decals are so cool! May I ask where you get them from? [emoji4][emoji85]
eBay do really cool decals like above
Will have a look, thank you [emoji4]
I second eBay, got some lovely ones from there I need to try out!
I've bought on Amazon from Kaz Creations - they seem ok so far!

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