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Dec 6, 2007
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When face mapping does everyone talk their way through when they've found on the skin to the client as dermalogica saids or do you find that the client just wants a relaxing treatment and not to hear that they have problemed skin untill the end of the treatment
i face map whilst doing my consultation at the beginning, explain what I have found and what I will do to help, and I also say what products I am going to use and why. THEN i begin the facial. I find that most clients like a relaxing and peaceful treatment, although I do have some who are real chatterboxes and like to gossip all the way through it! Also dont forget to ask the client what THEY are concerned about, as things that are blindingly obvious to us might not bother the client at all! hth's :) x
So you do your double cleanse then talk your way through the face mapping procedure as normal as then make your choice then, i sometimes make my choices as the facial goes on as then i can tell whether the skin is sensitive or sensitized for example through using a exfoliant
yep thats what i do, and if part way through the facial i decide to add or change a product i leave it unitl the end to tell them, then i give them the aftercare and make retail reccomendations :)
Do you also do a hand and foot cleanse at the beggining of the treatment i recently went for the derma course in october and allocate and extra 15mins to fill consultation card as its quite long to fill out then you have to explain at the end aswell so it can take up alot of time for first time clients how do you do work around it?
i dont do the hand and foot cleanse - started doing it but all of my clients said it was a bit weird! so now i dont do that, but i do allow 15mins for consultation and a few mins at the end so that they can relax and wake up their bods, as the blood pressure will be lower so its best to let them get up in their own time, and i also give them a glass of water

I don't do the hand and foot cleanse either, been told it just wastes time:rolleyes::irked:. I double cleanse and then as I carry out the face mapping I talk the client through. If the client hasn't had it before I always think that may be me wandering what I am doing so I talk them through my findings as I go.
When my first trained with dermalogica i thought the hand/foot cleanse was good and different but like you say theirs so much too for a 1hour treatment and so little time, especially if their new and sometimes feel clients dislike going through the dermalogica consultation because its long but i think its great because it helps us choose the right treatment for their skin types/needs making it indivivual for them.

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