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May 22, 2007
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Thought i would share this with you all, found this site that supplies dermalogica at reasonable prices and FREE delivery

its fantasic, really quick delivery aswel.

(dont know if u are all already aware of it or not) :lol:
These are the type of websites that put us out of business as we small people cannot offer these prices.

No offence meant but I dont think its appropriate.
I quite agree Bexi it would be the same as directing our nail clients to a discount website!

I know we all love a bargain, but we all need the business which is why dermalogica are doing their best to stop web sites such as these at the prices they are selling at they are hardly making anything at all!

Plus dermalogica is a prescriptive range and you just cant beat being face mapped and advised by a qualified therapist, no website can replace that.
i had my dermalogica rep in a few months ago and the subject came up of sites like this selling dermalogica at discount prices.
apparently they have been aware of it for a while and the products have now been coded so that they can b traced to the site of origin.
as a stockist of their products i feel that i make a fair profit on the products, and i had to invest a substantial sum of money to open an account.
i know as a salon owner it can b very tempting to buy products that are cheaper than normal, but these companies invest a lot into research and development of their ranges and these costs are passed on fairly.
best to leave well alone.
I've removed the website link from the original post as it's inappropriate (and IMO unprofessional) to be advertising links to sites such as these!

I'm sure there would be complaints all round if Dermalogica clients decided to buy from these types of sites instead of from accredited salons who offer professional advice... just a little food for thought!

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