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Hi guys can you recommend me a good desk lamp for my nail table ?
thank you x


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That one looks spot on ! Thank you x


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Take a look at the Ravair Perfect Flexi LED their website. A bit more expensive but the best you will ever see, great for eyelashes as well and can be used mobile with a mobile battery pack.


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For an inexpensive and very effective option you can also use Ikea's Tertial lamps, they fasten at the side of the table or wall, so they dont take up space on the desk, can stretch across the table, and gives great lighting with the correct bulb, which is important when working. But make sure to use it with a bulb that has 6000 kelvin (can get it at clas ohlson, quite inexpensive). I have two, one on each side of the table, but thats just preference. I used to have a slimline and prefer the Tertial for a fraction of the price... :oops:


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There are plenty of clamp on desk lamp alternatives available from Argos, and most are less than £20.00 :)