detached housing?


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Jun 4, 2004
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I live in the US (Texas) and LOVE British Comedies. I have watched them for over 10 years. What is detached & semi-detached housing? I hear the phrase but not sure what it is.

pammiedoodle said:
I live in the US (Texas) and LOVE British Comedies. I have watched them for over 10 years. What is detached & semi-detached housing? I hear the phrase but not sure what it is.


Hi there am

A detached house is a house in its own land,

a semi detached is when two houses are joined together by a wall, they structurally support each other allmost. - there are no doors into each house lol theyare still separate acccomdation...hope this makes sence
Thank you so much for answering my question!!!:biggrin: That is sorta what I thought but wanted to be sure. There are so many phrases that are different than ours and some words that have totally different meanings. Some words that are considered "bad" there don't mean anything here. If I said "bl@@dy" here, someone would look for the first-aid kit...LOL. I love it, no one knows what I'm saying!!!

I would Bloody hell - is cussing in england (swearing, cursing) etc lol this is funny...but not offensive really
Hi Pam we just had the best holiday ..ooops I mean vacation america and we stayed with a wonderful american family. We had so much fun and hours and hours of laughter learning each others phrases...even now we can't stop saying 'awesome'!lol
Pam, your thread made me laugh out loud!

Isn't it strange that our languages are so similar and yet so different?


Feel free to pick our brains anytime.

Okay, you said I could pick your brains, what does it mean when someone holds up two fingers at you. Here I know what it means someone flies one

What does bollicks (?spelling?) mean?
ROFL!!!!.... Pam have PM'd you with these! :lol:
OOps, some of those i don't think we could answer on this thread but i see someone has PM you so you will know what i

I love the fact that in America, "Pants" are trousers there but here pants are underwear for men. Its such fun to have those differences they certainly cause a grin.:D
OH MY!!! No wonder the answer was PM'd. Although I am still not above using them now that I know what they really

"Are You Being Served" is my all time fave comedies but I also love "Open All Hours", "Last of the Summer Wine", "As Time Goes By", oh my can't forget "Ab. Fab.", and "Keeping Up Appearances". There are so many great ones. We have a local station that shows these every Saturday & Sunday night. I have been watching them all for 10 years now, still tape each one and enjoy them as much as I did the first time I saw them.

Here in Texas we say "that don't gee & haw" which means that just won't work. When training a horse you teach them to obey voice commands and gee means to turn left and haw means to turn right. Woa means to stop. Folks is family, all sneakers are called tennie (yes, tennie) shoes, and all soda pop is called coke even if you want a Dr. Pepper. If i say I want a coke someone will ask what kind. We don't wear nickers we wear panties, men wear wear underwear (boxers or jockeys) and babies wear diapers not nappies. There are so many differences because Texas isn't like the rest of the US much like the rest of the world.
We like our men in tight Wranglers (jeans), boots, a little bow-legged, smooth talking and good dancing. Yes we wear cowboy hats, drive pickup trucks, ride horses and talk slow enough to for Christmas to come around twice but damn we're fun. Yall (you guys) ask me whatever you want, this is cool learning about each other.
another one is potato call then chips........and what we call chips you call fries.

and your biscuits are different, what we call biscuits you call cookies and biscuits to you are like savoury scone type things to us.

i remember the first time i was in florida and i saw biscuits and gravy on a menu.........i couldnt beleive it but the penny dropped when i found out what they were lol :biggrin:

The one that always got me was hearing "fanny bag" in the US, which I eventually learnt was what we here call a bum bag.

Here in the UK the term fanny refers to shall I say, 'the female anatomy opposite the bottom!!'.


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