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Jan 18, 2005
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Has anyone had a treatment in an infrared detox box? It's similar to a sauna and according to the blurb
  • enables the body to produce more sweat than in a traditional sauna without the need for high temperatures
  • will assist in the clearing of cellulite, improving skin tone, helping with weight management and energising the body whilst relaxing the mind
It is supposed to be capable of helping you burn between 600 and 1000 calories in 30 minutes, just by sitting inside and listening to music.

A local salon has one and it only costs £10 a session but a course is recommended.

xxx sugar xxx

I use an infrared sauna with my clients for detoxification purposes - I am a Colon Hydrotherapist ! They have the sauna before their colonic - a thorough detox ! I have a Physiotherm sauna which is made made in Austria. I thoroughly researched this therapy and found Physiotherm to be best i.e results and how it is constructed(toxin free!)

I charge £10 per session and most people have a course of 6 - it takes none of my time up and the results are excellent. I also use in conjunction with body treatments - massage and wraps. The clients love it.

So Marie, do you have a shower for your clients to use once they have been in the infra red cabinet? I had been thinking about purchasing a portable sauna but on asking a few questions at college they have recommended I don't unless I can offer showering facilities.
Sounds interesting, though would be interested to find out how you burn 600 - 1000 calories just sat down sweating. Yes you will loose body weight through fluid loss, but that is different to burning calories.
Why is it better than the Sauna at the Gym?

Most people have Gym memberships which include free showers/saunas/steam rooms as part of the facilities.

It sounds good. Is it one of those things that your head pokes out the top?

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