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Feb 16, 2009
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There is a threading course offered in my area but its on 2nd Dec which is a Thursday and I am unsure of whether to do it or not!

I want to do the course but as Thursdays are busy and its in December do you think I should risk losing money for this course or should I forget about it until another time? Not sure if it'll be on again though.
Could you hire a therapist or a friend for the day? So up til then u can keep booking people in and then just pay the temp girl like £7 an hour? So u will have to pay wages, but you can still be making some money? And at least u dont have to let anyone down? Try sas recruitment or spa elite.

What time is the course? Could you get back to the salon for a late night?

I think the course sounds good for u, its another service at the end of the day, so if u can get cover i say go for it! :D
No I wouldn't be able to get cover but ill try working a few late nights that week or something thanks xxxx
I would definatly do the course, just let your clients know well in advance you are on a training course that day.
What do you do when you have a holiday or do other training courses?
Maybe go in later that night after the course on go in on your day off to make up for the day lost.
Thursdays are usually my busiest days too, but clients never mind if I book them in on a different day, they only ever comment on how good it is I am always doing new things. At the end of the day it is them as well you are doing it for.
Maybe, if a client wanted an appoint for that day you could give them a £2 (for example or %)off their next threading appoint, that should soften the blow :)
You will love the course, tricky at first, but easy to pick up, threading looks harder than it is. x:hug:x
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I agree with Emma, I would definately do the course. You have got plenty of time to tell your clients that you are away on a course that day and they will have to come in on another day. This course will be of benefit for them as well as you, so they should not mind.

Hope your course goes well!

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