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Sep 10, 2011
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Hi geeks

I work mobile and 3 ladies want to book in together but cant fit into the normal appointments.

Do i do the appointments in the evening at my flat? I have two really young kids (7 weeks & 1) and get my hubby with broken foot to deal with them?

I need the money and so stuck as to what to do!!
If you did them in the evening, you could do it round one of the ladies houses...keeping your flat free for your OH and then you wouldn't have to worry about getting them drinks,etc. Then maybe the kids would be in bed? Is your flat big enough?

Is he able to look after the kids with his injury?
Do you have anyone else that could have them for you for a few hours?

What does your hubby suggest?

If you really need the money, then i'm sure you will find a way. What are you regular hours and why can't they fit into them? You could possibly add on a small outside of hours charge xx
Why can't they have them done on separate days, or separate appointments? Why do they need them done at the same time?
I know its nice to have a treatment with a friend, as you can include them in the conversation as well, but if they want YOU to do their nails, then they'll have to fit into what YOU can provide.
Failing that, as said above, do them round their house-if not too far away, but only if hubby is able to care for the little ones with his broken foot.
I work during the day.

Its 5 mile journey there but it means getting my dad or brother in law to take me.

My flats not massive but im worried that my kids might wake up if there loud...

Out of interest how much out of hours charge would you do? I charge £20 a set.

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