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Sep 6, 2013
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Hi Geeks

My first post so please be gentle lol, I've had a look at loads of posts but can't find my exact answer.

I am doing my NVQ atm but only one day a week at college so will be practicing on 2-3 friends a week at home. I have a 500ml bottle of Mundo Power Plus but what ratio do I use to dilute it just to fill a small Mundo glass jar?

Would I be better off mixing a small jars worth each time I'm with a 'client' or mixing a litre at a time?

If I mix the litre could I store it in an air tight bottle and how long would this last? I would prefer to make little and often as I'm not going to have a large turnover treatments.

At college everythings ready mixed before we get there and I'm not due in again till next week so thought I might get a quicker answer here :D

Thanks Geekies x
I would call up Mundo and ask their advice x
I'm sure the mixing ratio is written on the bottle and yes you can make up small amounts as often as you need rather than making up a full litre at a time.

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