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May 12, 2003
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I occasionally have customers coming in with dirty nails, I always prep before any service, but should I be washing underneath their nails aswell. Obviously I don't want them to get a bacterial infection so it would make good sense to do it, but I don't know exactly how to go about it? :?

I know its probably something I should know, but it never got mentioned on my course. Can somebody enlighten me please? :oops:

I bought some nailbrite today, is this what I should be using? And I am also wondering if this is a good retail item?
There is always the odd client who never scrubs underneath her nails and it really is disgusting and filthy. Nail Brite is a perfect retail item for this type of person.

To use in the salon .... At a rebalance appointment I used to squeeze a little under each nail after I had reduced the length and although a little messy, I would just leave it there for 10 minutes during the PREP process to soften and 'bleach' all the gunk under the free edge. Then I asked the client to go and give them a thorough scrub before coming back to the table.

Make sure nails are completely rinsed and dry before you start to apply any product.
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