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May 17, 2003
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19.30 Saturday
Set off from Barnsley for the 80 mile trip to Skipsea, nr Bridlington were me & my sister in law are having our final day from our four day foundation. Both in high spirits and having a revising session in the car.

21.00 Saturday
Gets to Caravan and unpacks and checks my homework cards, only two sets missing! Calls home and they are on the kids play box! Ok don’t panic!

21.00 n 30 secs Saturday
Starts on another set of nails on Nail trainer.

23.00 Saturday
Finally finished the spades, sorry I mean nails and placed them on the card.

23.15 Saturday
Goes to bed thinking the nothing else can go wrong!

00.30 Sunday
Turn light out! What is a Chemical?

07.10 Sunday

08.45 Sunday
Me & Cherine dressed in our (cost me £80 oh my god) whites packed out boxes, nail trainers etc into the car. That’s right you guessed it wouldn't start. After laughing for 5 minutes and the occasional swear word passing our lips (a few times) we got out and started to push the car to try n bump start it. (This is after we rang my hubby to ask how to bump start a car and him proceeding to ask us what we had done to it. oops more swear words!). We then were offered help from an elderly gentleman who helped us push the car but to no joy!!

9.00 Sunday
We called the Breakdown Company and they advised us they could have someone out within the hour, but we needed to be in Bridlington a 20-minute drive in 45 minutes! So we told them they we would ring back later and try and get a Taxi.

9.10 Sunday
After ringing about 20 taxi firms, the earliest anyone could come out was 10.00, OK the tears and lump in throat was well and truly welling up now. We called the Breakdown Company and they sent someone out.

9.45 Sunday
We eventually arrived and he didn't take his head out from under the bonnet for about 10 minutes and advised us that it was a major problem and that they would have to take us Bridlington pick us up later and tow us back to Barnsley!

10.10 Sunday
Another pick up truck arrived to take us to Bridlington so we packed all our cases, nail trainers etc into the van. We had quite an audience at the caravan site now they haven't had so much excitement in years, we were given a round of applause when we set off. Hovering over seat as it is covered in oil and I have white just out of the packet whites on!!

10.45 Sunday
Finally arrived, missed the rebalance presentation. No Oil Stains

11.00 Sunday
Exam time, well I laughed all the way through it, I couldn't remember anything I had spent the last three weeks revising for. What is a Chemical?

12.30 Sunday
Went through the rebalance presentation, and finally went for lunch, Thanks Carmen what a sweetie.

12.35 Sunday
Met up with mum who was my model at the start for her rebalance. She has just stepped of a plane Saturday night after being away on Holiday in Ibiza, she proceeded to show me her nails or all 2 of them that where still on. She had fallen off her bike and broken them.

Proceeded to try n rebalance all of the two nails well enough said the day just says it all.

Hurray !! Dnt know if we passed yet as Carmen didn’t get around to marking our papers, could have done with some good news though. Me n Cherine bought Carmen some wine and a card and she shed a tear or bless. She was great though and deserved something for being a super teacher.

Mum dropped us back at the caravan as it was going to be 19.30 before they could pick us up.

They eventually turned up, packed all our cases into the car and some bottles of lager for the journey home, after a crap day we needed it. Some to lock up the caravan and yes we had lost the keys.

Had to get someone to come out to lock the caravan they had a spare set at the Office it only cost me £20 for the call out. Proceeded to tell them that I had lost my keys and he advised me that someone had left some keys on the counter this morning (ME). After crying for the best part of 20 minutes now I really n truly had had a bad day.

Got home, just started to thunder and lighten best get in quick not gonna tempt fate!!

Thanks for reading if I didn't write it down I wouldn't have believed the day I had either, hope it's not an omen!
Oh you poor thing..It can only get better...right??
You poor thing! I wanted to cry when I read that :(
But every cloud has a silver lining and I'm sure your rewards will pay off in a couple of weeks time when you get your results.
Now while I am a compassionate person and I feel strongly for the day you had, I now feel very wary of what can happen to me on my 4th day. Everything that can go wrong generally does for me and my journey for that day will take an hour. Oh dear, I am a worrier.
Still, you had your fun and its over, I`m sure you`ll be relieved when you get that certificate and be able to laugh about it then. Good luck and think of me on the 12th, at least its not on friday 13th
Oh dear, what a terrible day you had. Not being funny here, but that sort of thing normally only happens to me ;)
I bet you are laughing about it now though :D
Best wishes

When's the sequel!!

Sorry not funny,
Dellie :rolleyes:
You poor love....had me in tears well!!!!!!!!! the good thing is it can only get better :D
All the best with your results
Take care Dawnie xxxxxxx
I'm exhausted!!! well hey Diva, you lived to tell the tale! I'm sure all will be fine and it's a great story for the future when you're being interviewed for 'nail tek of the year' :D :?: :!: :!: :shock:
Well I read your story and what a day you have had.
But you still did what you set out to do, and I take my hat off to you xx

I would keep this story in a little book, just incase you need it for one of those many interviews you will be giving, Nailtech of the year, Best Salon,
Competition winner aso.

Best of luck, but I am sure you will be fine xxxxxxxxxx
love Ruth xxxx
oh my god that's the sort of day you only have nightmares about chin up i'm sure your results will be great

I thought I was reading a horror story. Like everyone said, it's going to be better now, it's got to.

Just think, if you survived that one, you can survive almost anything.
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