Disastrous treatment!


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Jun 28, 2013
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Just had my first disaster!! Got to my client this afternoon and her 2 year old daughter was there, in itself not an issue as she was happily watching tv. About halfway through my shellac-ing however she got bored with the tv and came over and got everything out of my box and started running off with my colours!! Managed to get everything back while client was in the lamp. When I came to do the topcoat it was nowhere to be seen! So after 10 mins of searching mum found it in the kitchen by which time she had a load of fluff stuck on her nails. So I wiped them with dsperse and did another coat then top coat. To top it off I then broke my nail as I folded my table away!! And now I am panicking...have I ruined it by using dsperse then doing another coat? I didn't have time to start over as she had a school run to do :-(
Grr how blooming annoying!

In my experience you won't have ruined anything by using dsperse to remove the fluff! :)
Grr how blooming annoying!

In my experience you won't have ruined anything by using dsperse to remove the fluff! :)

Thanks for replying, that's a relief :)
It shouldn't have ruined it by using the d.sperse in between, I have done a design on top of the second coat of colour, taken it all off with d.sperse and then a 3rd colour coat + top coat and had no problems so don't worry about it.
If your client does get back to you and says it hasn't lasted as long as normal or has any issues then I would just refer to the fact that unfortunately her daughter made things very difficult for you and you did the best job you could given the circumstances. It wasn't your fault, I have a 4yr old and I would never book a treatment at home with out an extra adult there to watch the her now, never mind at 2 lol, I know for some people it but can't be helped but in those circumstances you have done the best you can xx
I've had similar happen to me, now I get everything I need out and on the table then close the box up. Xx
Whenever I go to people's houses, it's hard work.

I try to sell it to the client, that its relaxing for them, if they come to me, free from distractions!

I know that for some people with little ones that can be difficult, which is why being mobile can attract different people.

Well done you for keeping soooo calm!
Lol as for keeping calm I was trying not to look as all my beautiful shellac bottles were being thrown on the floor!! :-/
And this is exactly the reason I am no longer mobile! I feel for you x

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