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Mar 15, 2003
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does anyone know where I can get a large click shut display box with a clear lid?(or something similar) Quite a thin one as it is, as you prob guessed to display my nail art and it needs to be ok for mobile work. I know Alan Roy sells them but they have a dark lid. thanks in advance
I use empty crystal CD boxes for all of my nail art - take the black inside out and put a picture in the background - after I drop the kids off at school I will take a piccy and post it - if I can work out how to LOL.
We do sell glass display cases (foam pad with glass lid), holds about 100 nails, A4 in size at £17.00 each, if thats any help. www.netnails.net
I use what's called a Riker Mount box or a Butterfly box, and it works very well. It sort of looks like what Chocolate sells on her site, and the best part is that they are totally portable and the nail tips are fully protested under glass.
Pictures as promised
What a great idea Fiona...They look really good. Have to pass that idea on to others :cool:
thanks guys...I've seen that idea before fiona but they didn't look half as lovely as yours! The cd boxes are a great idea but ideally i wanted something about double that size. Chocolate the glass display box on your site looks great..could you tell me the depth of it please and also the depth of the plastic smaller ones you sell thanks very much x
naturalnails said:
Pictures as promised
How imaginative...giving that a try tonight...
Fiona, May I ask which company you did your airbrushing with?
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