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Aug 2, 2005
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Because Minx look so different on than in the pack, I want to display them. Have any of you found a good way?

I've tried colour wheels but its so difficult to get the file in between them that I've ended up breaking some. Ordinary colorpops are impossible because they are too long and curved and I just get creases.

Any ideas?
i use colour pops! they easier to apply minx to!
I've tried colorpops, they are so long and curvy its really hard to get all the creases out.
I display mine (full sheets) in a photo album, the kind that stands up on a circular stand and the photos (minx in this case) can be flipped over to view.

I keep about 30-40 designs in stock and order in others as required.
Have you tried tips that have a gentler c-curve e.g. CND formation tips? Adhering a stick to make them match the look of a colour pop may be a bit of a faff though...
If you could find a gentler curve tip and get them to go on nicely, you could then mount the tips in a box frame and display it on the wall.

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