Distance learning / online courses?

Hi everyone - I was just wondering whether any of you had gone down the distance/online learning route for Anatomy & Physiology? And if so, what you thought of it?
Long story short - I'm currently just over halfway through a part time level 3 beauty course but have been very disappointed with it and the standard of teaching etc - I've been trying to stick with it but it's got to the stage where I'm seriously considering leaving this course and taking an online A&P course to get the higher L3 qualification and then doing shorter separate courses for treatments such as stone therapy/Indian head (already qualified for L2 + Swedish massage) - but don't want to make a big mistake!! I've never done an online course before, wouldn't consider it for something practical but as A&P is theory it seems as though it could be an option. The course I've been looking at is run by Gateway Workshops and is an ITEC qualification- has anybody done this? Bit worried about the huge end exam! Would be very grateful for any thoughts/experiences x


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research before you book anything!

I am a sucker for a online course and believe me I have spent hours online searching.
Now I live in london so there are a lot more courses on offer and a lot easier to get scammed!
You can either get a course from pretty much anyone online that is level 3 beauty therapy. But its actually just some ebook a scammer is charging you £££ for! or pay £3000+ for BTEC etc
Make sure your online course is with one of the large exam boards and I know you can search on some of their websites for locations/official places. What I have found in london though is that there are a few salons who offer a 1-2 day course level 3 and home study at a competitive price aswell

Have a look online, and I'm sure you will find a online school that also offers tutor access or something along those lines, either way if you are studying from home the course should provide you with support throughout your studying :)

Good Luck!


For A&P yes online learning (with an assessment in person) is fine so long as you have the discipline for self study. Yes ITEC or VTCT is needed, and not the refresher ones that cost about £100. This Gateway one looks fine. To be honest the assessments for beauty A&P are a bit on the easy side, usually multiple choice.

Once you have passed then you can always have a look at some higher level online courses from the medical side just for your own knowledge, as they are free and more in depth. (E.g. http://oli.stanford.edu/anatomy-and-physiology/)


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I would urge you to finish the level 3 beauty course. Get the piece of paper so that you can start looking for work/business and do refresher courses if you feel you need to.

The quality of courses in this industry is always hit and miss. Changing track is a big gamble considering that once you complete level 3 the world is your oyster really.