Do i need a licence to work in a salon???


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Sep 4, 2007
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Hi All,

I have been working in a salon self employed as a nail tech for about 6 months now and recently the manager of the shop has said that i have to pay £80 for a licence?? i dont know about this, she also said that i was covered by her insurance when i first started but then when i asked her about this licence she said that it will cover insurance. It all sounds a bit confusing to me can anyone give me a bit of advice and reasure me. :confused:

Many thanks
I stand to correction on this, but I would imagine that as you are self employed (even though in somebody elses salon) you would still need your own insurance cover. If you, for example, caused any serious damage to a client who then wanted to sue you, your insurance would cover you for this.

If, however, the client slipped on the salon floor and hurt herself, the salon owners's indemnity cover would pay out if a claim was made.

Don't let the salon owner offer to find cover for you. Find your own cover which you are happy with. It need not be very expensive. I'm sure loads of peeps on here will be willing to point you in the right direction. I for one, am covered by the Guild Of Professional Beauty Therapist.

I'm not sure what she means by liscence though? I'm assuming you are a qualified tech and have a certificate of training? You need this in order to get insurance cover. HTH's.
i agree wiht tracey, look around for your insurance hun, i too am with the guild, but there are plenty of peeps on here with professional beauty and others, so shop aorund and get the best one for you

now im sure i could be wrong i often am pmsl,:lol:
but i thought i read a thread about salons/techs in certain boroughs of london having to have a license? Ruth might know more about this mightnt she?

if im barking up the wrong tree feel free to give me a :smack:

As a massage therapist working in London both the premisis and therapists require a license from the local council. Not sure if this applies to beauty therapists / nail techs. Best thing to do is look at the website for the council the salon is in, or give them a call. Also ask the manager for the paperwork about the license so you can see it for yourself.
Ok thanks everyone great help!!

I think your right about the licencing in the different boroughs, I have def heard it before and i think we also learnt bout it in college.

Yes i am a fully qualified nail tech. I was going to get my insurance before i started but she said that i was covered and actually as it happens i was going to or still am going to get it with professional beauty.
Having your own insurange is always good, firstly it gives you total piece of mind in knowing you are completely covered and for how much. Also it means that you can work outside the salon with the comfort of knowing your protected, even if just on friends.
I totally agree fozzyo, thanks once again

Hi - i'm in London Borough of Harrow and a mobile and when i looked into it found that if i set up a salon at home i'd have to have a licence but not for going mobile. It's got something to do with Health & Safety regs although it didn't mention self employed in a salon. If you phone the council they'll tell you. xx

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