Do I need to register my business name??


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Apr 9, 2010
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south shields
hi, i have been self employed since april this year. i have already registered with the inland rev. do i need to register my company name with companies house? any advice will be appreciated thanks x
You should only need to register with Companies House if you are trading as a limited company - but not as a sole trader or partnership - hope that helps :hug:
thats great ruth, thank you
word of advise. when choosing a name, try and choose something unique to you that hopefully nobidy will want to steal...

i set up my business called Eden Beauty & Wellbeing as a sloe trader and after a year of trading another salon popped up 5 miles away called Eden Hair and Beauty...

well the owner of the other salon said that as i wasnt a limited company she could use the name if she likes... and also beause her salons name was ever so slightly different she could probably have used it even if i had registered.

since then i have changed my salons name and relaunched as i didnt want to be confused with her crap salon... just wish i'd chosn something more original in the first place.

Registering as a limited company would hold you in good stead for your business name but I also got my name Trademarked and with that I have more clout.

If you have a great name, I would get as much cover as I possibly could with protecting your business name after all it is YOUR business

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