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Sep 26, 2011
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Hi geeks,would love some advice from hair & beauty salon owners.I recently rented a space in a local hairdressers providing all aspects of beauty therapy.Buisness wasnt great but was definatly improving for me,however the hairdressing side wasnt doing so good and due to a number of factors the owner has shut the shop.I am in a position to open my own shop in the same small market town as the previous one,i have viewed a shop that is perfect and is already being used for hair & beauty.
The problem Im facing is with the stylists who worked at the previous salon.When the shop closed they were upset that they had no wages & didnt know what to do, when i approached them as to whether if i set up shop would they come too ( and obviously bring their client base) they were all for it.Since then I have been pushing forward with this new salon but now they seemed to have cooled mainley due to the fact that they are doing their exsisting clients mobile & are in no rush to commit.
I dont know much about the hairdressing side of the buisness (stock,pricing etc) and really needed their input to get the shop up & running.Do I take a chance & continue but advertise for new stylists & hope they are what Im looking for or forget it?The beauty side of the buisness wouldnt bring enough revenue to cover the bills so definatly need the hair side.(PS;the 2 stylists had worked together for years & had picked up alot of bad habits eg,untidy,lazy not customer focused & coming in with at least 2 hangovers a week):Scared:
I'd say you would maybe able to find new stylist as you will struggle to break their bad habits anyhow. Don't you know someone who knows someone who is a good hairdresser? Maybe offer these other girls chance to rent a room once a week as you know they have good client base so can reccomend your salon ect but there not in there all the time driving you mad and they don't feel like they have made a huge commitment and can still stick mobile x
Hi Rebecca,its just so difficult because its not my field & Im really nervous in case I employ the wrong person.Ideally I need a Senior stylist who will manage that side of the buisness for me but you wouldnt beleive how bitchy the stylists all seem to be in this area.There is about 8 salons in close proximity to each other & all the stylists know each other & are always talking about how rubbish they are etc.Dosnt seem to be as bitchy in the Beauty industry.If I take on a stylist who I like but who I later find out isnt popular it could be a disaster

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