do sallys have a website?


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Mar 1, 2004
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Brighton UK
Hey, ive heard alot of you talk about sallys, there are 2 suppliers in brighton, i was just wondering if they had a website? or shall i just pop down there?
Hi Kimberley
If you go down to Sallys you will have to prove you are a professional, otherwise you will pay retail prices. They have 2 pricing systems there - one for the professional & another for the general public. I know if you attend college they give you a student card which entitles you to the discount there.


I for one DO NOT shop at sallys because they sell our products to the public. No matter what they say, that they dont sell colours and nail stuff to the public i know that they do as people come in the salon all the time and tell me they have bought this and that. Obviously they have neither the skill or the knowledge to go with thier purchase but there you go..........
sorry pet hate of mine......... i shop through designer nails, ellisons and beauty express. Much more proffesional. only my opinion no offence meant.
hi i think sallys do have website but u cant buy on line and its tru they do sell to the public which is why they have 2 pricing systems

I work p/t in a Sally store. There are two pricing systems in place. Most items are available to both trade and retail customers. The only Items that we can't sell to retail customers are hair perms and ear piercing kits & guns. I personally don't understand this ! We can't sell them a perm, but we can sell them a hair relaxer or a bottle of 60 vol peroxide, which in my mind are just as lethal if you don't know what your doing !

For legal reasons we aren't permitted to give out advice to retail customers on how to use hair colours etc

I prefer only to give out advice on styling products etc. I constantly get asked how to use hair colours, peroxides, bleach or nail tips and acrylics etc. I just say in a nice way leave it to the professionals if your not sure what your doing.

With regard to nail products. I've noticed that retail customers will think they are saving themselves money by purchasing products for nail extensions instead of going to a salon. I don't think they realise the work that goes into applying a set of nails until they get home and have a go !!! Most of them probably end up going back to the salons to have their nails done for them !

I can fully understand why professionals get so annoyed that Sally's sell to the public. I find it especially annoying when people pass their cards about. We've recently started to clamp down on this as it is very unfair. I personally think that retail customers are alot more demanding than our trade customers.

I suppose I should expect my P45 in the post after this message is submitted !!

Sassy xx
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