Do you also think gel tips look different after they've been under a UV lamp?


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Society Girl

Sep 16, 2010
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:confused:I love doing nails and I love getting mine done. What I've noticed is that with acrylics if you're skilled the end result is shiny, even and looks natural.

However I've noticed that once you put gels under a UV lamp they tend to look a bit wider than they originally did. I've asked a few others why this is and some have said that the nail tech obviously was very good at this technique or that they were left under the lamp for too long or EVEN that they don't look warped?

I know it's not the nail tech because every set of gel tips I have ever seen look like this. Can I really be the only person who has noticed this?
Im not sure exactly what you mean lol but it could be a trick of the light as gel cures in layers and tends to magnify things .

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