Do you fit form and build one free edge at a time, or fit all and build all?


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Mar 6, 2012
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Hi geeks,
I am fairly new at it but want to start sculpting full sets as opposed to 1 when repairing and just wondering which way wud be fastest? fit all forms and sculpt free edges or fit form to only 1 nail and sculpt free edge and freeze cure while fitting form on opposite hand....

i will be using balance body builder gels!

Thanks kayleigh xx
everyone will have their own technique i guess.
i fit the forms on the 4 fingers of 1 hand, apply base and cure.........then while that's happening apply the forms to the other 4 fingers, base and cure.
i do the thumbs when the fingers are finished ready for filing.1 thumb, form , base , cure... then the other , then off i go like the clappers finishing the thumbs and then file all the nails into shape..:biggrin:
I fit forms on four finger of one hand and complete these nails up until the final filing stage and the repeat on the second hand, I then finish by doing the same on the thumbs, then file and buff to a shine or put top coat/nail art on! HTH :)
thanks guys :) i have a five finger lamp so im thinking maybe doing all five forms then base on all five of one hand, cure whilst doing the other, then free edge and freeze cure inbetween :/ do you see any problems i may have ths way?

do any of you use body builder gels from nsi? they are quite thick but still level nicely i can sculpt with cant i? done some on the odd nail and they have held out
thanks for your help and advice xx
i use synergy gels by young nails myself .
would you not be afraid the gel will run off to one side if you do the thumbs at the same time as the fingers? you could end up filing like a mad woman to get a proper shape
haha i would freeze cure between doing one or two on each hand i think, then full cure when complete... learnt to freeze cure after a few mad woman filing sessions ;-) xx
haha yes i freeze cure the nails too, alternating the hands but still i'd be afraid to chance the thumbs in there ...but then i am a bit of a scardey cat:biggrin:
well i have a chipped thumb to repair on my heavy handed mother in law tmra so i'll try curing as if it was a full hand cure an keep you posted :D
I personally like to do one nail at a time. I just find it easier for me. I can take the extra time to help make the shape so I don't have as much filing into shape after (I'm a filing hater ;) ). I use CND Brisa.

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