Does anyone have any experience with finding the owner of an empty property?


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Jul 26, 2011
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There is a property in the high street that has been empty for years. It's in a great location.

I have paid £3 to the land registry fr a copy of something which has the owners name on it but I'm unsure where to go from here .....

Does anyone have any advice, or any idea where I would go next.

Jemima :)
Google it?

I wanted to get married on a strip of grass by the beach, and couldn't work out which house it belonged to. I called the council who said it was privately owned, and they gave me the address it belonged to, I googled it and found it was a holiday letting and way out of my price range!

Try googling the name of the owner, the address etc

Good luck :)
You will have requested the titl deeds, these will provide you with the names of the owners and If I remember rightly their address if different from the property. From there you should be able to find and contact the owner. If you need contact numbers like previoulsy mentioned try googling it.
It had the owners name and address, but the address was the also the empty property.

Ill google and ring the council. Thanks for your help :)

Jemima :)
Just a thought here, but if the property has premises either side of it, then go and ask in there too, often the adjacent properties will have contact details of the owner so any issues/break in's etc can be reported, they may even know who the landlord is if the closed premises was only sublet. Worth a try as it's worked for me.
Ring the council rates department - they will be billing the owner for the rates and are able to pass on contact details (this is how I got a load of contact numbers when looking for a shop recently for my other half).
If it in the main high street I'm guessing there are properties around it? Why don't you pop in & ask around if anyone's knows? They might be able to help :)
Yes I will do that thanks :)

Jemima :)
The Land Registry will have the name of the current owner. I think you can get it from them. Have a look online for details.:wink2:

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