does anyone use ciate for pedicures


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Oct 6, 2007
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hi hope someone that uses ciate glamarous pedicure range can help, i am finding that its very pigmented & seems to leave my clients feet with a slight green tinge more on the areas that have been prone to being dry. if any one else has had this problem or not could they post & let me know.
thanks sharez
I had this prob too...I think its meant to show the dry areas up so you can see what area needs more work..or thats what I was told anyway!! HTH


does that mean you have to do those areas again than?? what if you finished the pedi and ran out of time with the client but feet were green tinged? you cant do it all over again can you? HMMMM just thinking out loud :idea:!
I trained with ciate products and I think its the "busy feet" that sharez is talking about its a foot mask and when you try removing it in water any cracks on soles of feet it seems to stick in,it does need to be completely removed from the feet because it is a cooling mask and when left on still continues to cool so what I do if this happens is just use a dark towel to rub off feet when drying them
(when I say cracks on feet I don't mean broken skin please don't misunderstand me)

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