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Mar 16, 2006
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Didcot, Oxfordshire
Hi everyone,

I've just got off the phone with a lady that runs a salon in a gym at an raf base. She is giving up the business so I phoned her to see if I could get it (i'm mobile at present) She rents the room and wants to sell her clients and flooring etc.. I already have most equiptment I would need. I just don't know how much to expect her to want for it? I don't have a lot of finance so don't want to waste her time if I can't afford to do it. I'm meeting up with her tommorrow to have a chat and a look around. She wouldn't tell me what she wanted on the phone.

Anyone have any idea what kind of figure she may be wanting or how much it would be worth??
so do you know how much the rent is?

I would ask to take a look at her appointment book to see how busy she actually is, or ask for a copy of her accounts.

so, what she wants to sell you is her client list, and some equipment? What do you mean by flooring? Is she put the flooring down herself, how can she possibly ask someone to buy it off her? (or have I got the wrong end of the stick?)

I know a beauty salon in my village was selling her salon, but she also then was selling all of her equipment, stock and client list as an extra.

at the end of the day, you have the rent to pay, if you already have most of the equipment that she is offering as an extra, tell her that you don't want it. Don't worry too much about losing her, she won't find many people brave enough to take it over.

Are you expecting to take your mobile clients with you?
I think she means to sell her client list and shelves, display stuff, she said something about a screen. I told her I already have all equipment like couch and stuff so I think it was just everything else she has put in herself.

I would like to take my clients with me yes.
I don't know how much the rent is yet. She wouldn't say over the phone. I'm guessing she'll discuss it tomorrow with me.
I honestly don't know what she would expect.

word of advice though - whatever she says (even if its fantastic), nod wisely, don't commit to ANYTHING and tell her that you will go away, think about what she has said and come back with your offer.

I made the biggest mistake of accepting the first figure that was given to me, and when I tried to backtrack, it was a no-brainer as in her eyes, I had already agreed to it.

Also, you will need to see the stuff that she is offering to sell to you, it might not be to your taste, it might be old and scruffy and not portray the image that you want so would be a waste of money.

I have heard of hairdressers selling their client list for £1-2K
and dont forget hun ,clients are funny , they might not stay with you , (i am sure you are brill:green: but you know wot clients are like )
dont want to put a downer on it , just thought i would mention it xx
Also don't forget to ask why she is selling. Could be any number of reasons, poor business, setting up elsewhere etc.

If she is relocating her clients (which she is selling) may still stick with her.
I would try and get some infomation on the client list she is selling to you,you dont want a list of clients that havent been to the salon for years.I would just proceed with caution,and dont take what she is saying as gospel.She is going to put a positive spin on the salon just to sell it anyway.
Go with your gut instinct its usually right.

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