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Oct 19, 2007
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Monticello, NY
Ok so this may be a little scrambled but hear me out.
My hair dresser shows up an hour and a half late yestertday and brings her husband to "Hang Out" FOr the day. Now the day befor she told one client that she had a mommy du the woman was going for lite and flirty. then she tells the next client about the other salon she works in and where it is and how it ofters other services that i don't. I was waiting to speak to her abot all of this when she showed up late oh with out a phone call to say she was running late. So she shows up 1 1/2 hours late with her husband who she is haveing problems with but i don't need to get into that. I have listen to her for the last 2-3 weeks about all her drama but just listened. So when she finaly does show up I take in to the back room to discusse these issues. All I got out was "I feel that it is inaproperate for you to show up and hour and a half late with no call." She flies off the handle screaming and curseing saying how shes not going to take this that she is doing me a favor by working here. Then one of her comments was that i didn't talk to her the day before when i was talking to my clients ps she had 4 client throught the day as well. Well long store short she packed her stuff and left I was a little upset at first because she was rude and through personal things at me. Telling me that i don't care that i walk around like i own the place.... I do But always tell people who work here the work with me. ugh I'm not sure where i'm going with alll this i'm just kinda distrested that this woman would go out on the floor screamimg and curseing makeing a sean thank goddess there was no clients just her myself her husband and my father-inlaw. I did not go back at her i was very professional She threw a dig about how i don't care about anything just money and i said how dare you talk to me like that. I have paid here 2 for being here for meet and greets $100 a pop the day befor she brought her daughter with her because she found out her husband was cheating on here and she didn't want him to talk it out on her daughter i had my sitter watch her child all day. I'm not sure where to go now i have several inteerviews lined up but now it puts a block in some of my grand opening specials. oh and i paid for her to get her Licencs do you think i should send her a bill for this? Any one have any advise as to how to advoid such a disaster? I have learned a few lessons for this but just wondering if any of you geeks have advise as to maybe i handled it wrong i don't know I took her to the office its not like i screamed at her on the floor. Ugh A little advise? She was very unprofessional i don't think i was wrong by asking her to pack her things i did how ever forget to ask for her key! called her and left a message that she had 72 hours to get it to me. Sorry this is so long just need i don't know reasurance something!
blimy sounds like a rite saga!!! it did hurt my eyes to read it to lol !!!

anyway , its a shame this happened but i would say u did the rite thing . she should have known not to bring her personal life (literally !) into ur salon . were u two friends b4 hand ? maybe she cant take the thought of u being boss???? she however does sound like she has a lot going on at tho mo too but def shouldnt take it out on u . I would phone again and ask for the keys bak tho as she could say she didnt get the messege and the last thing u want is for her entering the salon when u r not there

let us know how it goes chick sorry i couldnt give any better advice . hope all goes well xxx
if she has a key to let herself in she could use your client list, she could take things, she could vandalise your property.

when she has calmed down, hopefully she will realise how unprofessional she has been but she does sound as if she has a lot on her plate.

how much was her licence? perhaps you could say that you will forgo the repayment of the license if she complies with your wishes and drops the key off and leaves with dignity.

do you trust her not to get another key cut?
:mad:Change the locks.

Don't bother going after her for the licence money.

Just sever ties and move on.

That's my advice!!! :hug:
Lic was only $40 But the key I don't know we where not "friends" I knew her through another person I have security cameras every where even if she did come in it would be txt to my cell that someone entered the salon. ok so now what do you think
write her a formal letter, reminding her of key, and that she has now officially finished working for you.

Is their any money owing to her or money owing to you?

If no to both, just sever all ties as already mentioned.

$40 is nothing, you can get that back on your expenses.

start interviewing people and change the special offers.

If she calms down and tries to come back, don't let her back in.

I think you'd still be better getting your locks changed.
i think huni that you handled yourself very professionaly.... your "friend" did not....this is why i work on my own...soooo many people have started up business together and they fall out...ok,so forget about the licience,it sounds as though your place is pretty secure!!!!...if she does not give the key back...change the locks...i know its money on your part but look at it like this...your going to do better than her anyway so you have the last laugh....hope this helps hun and well done for not hitting her...think i would have!!!!:hug:xxxx
Thank you for understanding I just ..... you kick myself because i know i could have said just as many mean things to her as she did to me but instead kept my cool remembering I am a partner. Thank you geeks for renforcing what i knew i did was right!!!! And the locks ....ugh not going to be easy special order everything here from custom furniture to chairs one of a kind I have already had one interview and have ads all over.
well your place sounds safer than the police stations here in england!!!!!! at least you invested well with cameras,etc...so if anything does happen they are caught red handed....keep your chin up hun..ignore her and forget her and put that frustration on your clients when they want this and then that and then this !!!!!!xxxxx
So get this i just went through all me stufff she stole a new sissor set!!!! I just got them in what!!! Now I'm Mad
right ....i bet you feel like getting those scissors an d sticking them up her B**!!!!! get a mate round and go out for a drink huni....you need time to chill...no mates are free....ok then get a bottle of wine have a hot bath and chill at home...put a comedy on ....you will feel betterxxx
So get this i just went through all me stufff she stole a new sissor set!!!! I just got them in what!!! Now I'm Mad
That is theft, phone the police
You know what i do a few of the State Troopers wifes maybe i'll call one of them and see what they say. I know i shouldn't care but i know her husband is on probation. ugh ugh what do you think !!!!
are you sure she stole it, perhaps she had it in her pack and thought that she would be working. It seems to have kicked off really quickly and its only later on in the day that you realise that you haven't returned anything.

I personally would do a full stock check and write down what you DEFINETLY know is missing and what POSSIBLY could be missing.

I would also sleep on it and not do anything too hasty.

if this has only just happened, give her time to make the first step and contact you.

this time tomorrow you will feel clearer and more sure about your course of action. but, don't do anything too hasty, and don't stoop to her level. you could feel crappy on acting on how you are feeling at this moment, so do yourself a kindness, and a step away from the situation for a few hours.

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