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May 8, 2003
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West Midlands
Oh dear.....I think my nerves are noe beginning to show here!!!!! :silly:

Im starting my FDFC on Tuesday in Birminghmam and obviously Im keen to make the correct impression......but..................

what do I wear!? :oops:

I know that denim is a no-no! (I wouldnt contemplate it!)
But I do feel a little uncomfortable in "salon whites"
what does every one suggest!?

there are lots of you who have been there done it and got the sought after certificate!.........

what DO I wear!???? :huh:

looking forward to advice here!

Well love,
if in doubt about salon whites, why not nearly salon whites!!!!!!!!!!!!
White tunic and black trousers ??????
The idea is to look smart and professional..........
Maybe choose a top or tunic that you would wear in a salon, team it up with black trousers and that should look fab............Well in my oppinion..........

just a thought
love Ruth xxxxxx
Im going to the Loughton Academy, and was sent a ''uniform'' list. We can either wear salon tunics/dress etc, OR, black or white trousers or skirt with a black or white tshirt.

Im wearing black trousers and white tshirts, although I got a black skirt and black tshirt Im also taking with me, to wear on one of the days! (Im staying @ fayes during the course, as she is my model and a fab mate ;-))

Good luck on your course! Creative rocks!

Listen both thanks for the input! :rainbow:

Love the ideas and yes.....why not???
I just feel each and every day in "whites" is just sooooo (well professional) predictable! :bouncy:

sortin me gear out 2moz!

Thanks gals!

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