Dry flaky skin under MAC foundation


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Mane Goddess

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Mar 29, 2015
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Ive recently brought the MAC studio fix fluid foundation and im finding the coverage great BUT it always goes dry and flaky, ive been washing, cleansing and moisturising but nothing is helping it? Whst should i be doing to reduce this? Thanks
What products are you using for your skin x
Ive bedn trying that deemalogica and bio oil but its still very dry xx
Try using a primer or adding a dot of moisturiser to your foundation also avoid using powder .
Next time studio fix is for more oily skins try studio fix sculpt
Also don't forget to exfoliate your skin
If you have drier skin then the studio sculpt is the one for you. Same coverage but a dewey finish x
Ok lovely thankyou, i do use moisturiser, and they put a small travel
Size primer with my foundation to try but obviously if im using the wrong foundation its not gonna help, whats a good product to exfoliate with? Xx
I have looked at the studio sculpt but the reviews dont seem great all xx
See I have dry skin and use studio fix and it looks fine.
I just exfoliate, moisturise & prime properly before using. Never had a problem. (I use Embryolisse moisturiser, it's literally amazing!)

I hated the consistency of studio sculpt and the way it applied. x
Mane just ask for a sample all Mac counters are allowed to decant small amount to try. Explain how you didn't get on with the studio fix and you would like to try the other.
Another good foundation is pro long wear but it is a medium coverage I would say but it sits nicely on the skin.

Studio fix sculpt is a mouse texture and using beauty blender you use a tiny amount I mostly use colour corrector cream and tony amount of foundation.
Wet your beauty blender as ment to be the. Apply powder using damp blender to your area you might be oily and the helps to avoid a Cakey finish. And also set make up.
I do moisturise and prime but i dont think much to my moisturizer so ill give that a try xx
I'm very dry skin and I used moisturiser and primer. But I wait a little bit after I've applied to primer then apply Estée Lauder double wear.
So for the past few days i have been cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturising, priming and then applying my mac studio fix with a foundation brush and blender, my skin is still dry and flaky im really starting to give up nothing is making my skin any better :(
I really dont think that foundation is good for my skin even the estee lauder double looked better on my skin x
I think you need to get your skin sorted before you go spending on more foundations x
Plenty of water always helps :)
I have looked at the studio sculpt but the reviews dont seem great all xx

I used to work for mac and it's really good. Sometimes people with an oiler skin would buy and then not like. Go and ask for a sample of that and also minerlize. Then call customer care and they will swop over if the counter can't but they should be able to xxxx
Think you need to find the right skin products suited to you skin first xxx
Right ive exfoliated, used hudrating serum moisturiser and hydra veil by illmasqua primer my skin feels and looks much better but still the foundation clings to my face i really dont think the foundation is for me at all, im quite dissapointed i found i got on better with the double wear more than the studio fix xx
Ive managed to get samples of the sculpt, mineralize and pro longwear so ican which is best xx

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