Dry shampoo made colour red


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Michael Reynolds

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Aug 23, 2015
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Hello All,

done a client on Monday that had a brown dry shampoo in her hair, didnt think anything of it.
i applied bleach and 20 vol to back and sides and bleach and 30 vol on top section. waited 30 mins and washed off, followed by a 9.03 dialight toner. the ALL around the front went a red ginger colour but the back was fine :0 so i think the dry shampoo had somthing to do with it ;0

anyway client is coming back in ( she was relly nice about it aswell)

you will see the pic of her now ( attached ) and a colour that we would like to aim for in the future ( attached)

tomorrow we are going to redo a half head do i -- bleach and 20 vol sides and bleach and 30 vol the top or bleach and 30 everything ot bleach and 20 vol everything????

then im thinking a 9.21 dia light or a 9.02 dia light.

Thanks in advance guys XXXXXXX


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She is coming in tonight now [emoji43][emoji43][emoji43][emoji43][emoji43][emoji43][emoji43][emoji43]
Don't think you need 9% again..
I personally would use a low peroxide like 4% and watch how it's developing.
Then tone accordingly after.
Ideally Would have been good to take a test cutting on Monday to test it..
Hope that's helpful? Good luck!
Amazing thank you, do you think just treat it like a normal half head.

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