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Carol at CottageNails

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Jul 14, 2003
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West Yorkshire
:confused: Could any Salon owners out there help with the following thread. I did a Ear Piercing Course yesterday at Sallys wholesalers in Leeds, with the Caflon Co. I understand you now have to have permission to offer this service, from your local council, and I need extra insurance cover. I work from home, does this make me able to offer this service. Any info would be very much appreciated.

Carol (Cottage Nails)
Hi Carol

I get the feeling the Local Authorities have differing levels of requirements - but here in Sussex, Environmental Health need to know if you are offering any type of service that punctures the skin (ear piercing, electrolysis (sp), acupuncture, etc.) even if you are working from home.

I know this because I contacted ours before I started my business and they asked about these services specifically. I don't know what they require as I don't offer any of those things so I didn't have to go any further with the investigation.

With regard to insurance, you will need to check what is covered by your existing policy. Mine with Professional Beauty Direct is Nails Only cover and ear-piercing is not covered - best to call your insurance and check as they'll be the best people to advise you

HTH and Good Luck :D

:) Thanks TINA,I will follow your advise. :cool:

You have to inform your local authority some of them charge you for the priviledge mine does £30 per annum.
If you have beauty insurance it should be covered if you only have nails you will have to have it added on.
:lol: Thanks Tina, much appreciated advise. :cool:
Sorry Tracy for calling you Tina, :cry:
Hi, yes it is very true you must seek further information from your local coucil dept, enviromental health dept, as you are puncturing the skin and this requires a licence or alike. It also used to be a requirement to do so on floorings such as tiles, lino etc, but not carpet, not sure how the laws and bits stand now as I have seen many places doing ear peircings with out this rule. Better to be safe than sorry always so checking out with your authorities is the very best thing to do. Along with of course making sure you are covered by your insurance in case of any mishaps.

Good luck
Grace x
:biggrin: Thankyou Grace, your advise is very much appreciated, I will be intouch with my local council and Environmental Health Dept, Cheers

hiya to all

I also did the training with Caflon. I made contact with my local council and they charge £47.50 per annum for the registration. They also told me that they would come out to inspect the premises with health and safety in mine. I did ask about working mobile with this service, and he said that i would have to go into the office to show them how i would work with the ear piercing equipment. Hope this helps and good luck!!
I would also ring BABTAC as they do insurance for therapists etc and a cover for ear peircing they might be able to give you some advice on everything you need to know too!! :D
Hi Geekies,
A great big thankyou :) :) :to all replys regarding ear piercing, will let you know how I go on.

Keep smiling,
Carol :) :)
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