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Jul 3, 2004
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Hi all,

I am doing my first set of acrylics today since my one day course on Sunday. My Mum has agreed to be the guinea pig and I am really nervous I am going to make a mess of it!! I am not too worried about the tips because they soak off so quickly they can be re applied, its the acrylic I am worried about. Also, I am nervous that I am going to forget what to do!! I am going to list the way I remember doing it, if someone would be askind to tell me if I have got it right?

1. Spray sanitiser and clients and own hands
2. Dehydrate nails using acetone nail polish remover.
3. Rub cuticle oil in and push back cuticles.
4. File clients own nail or cut if required.
5. Dehydrate the nail using acetone nail polish remover.
6. Gently buff clients nail using white block to remove shine, remove dust using sanitiser.
7. Choose the correct tips for clients fingers.
8. pLace a spot of glue on the well area of the tip and attach to clients nail.
9. Trim tips to desired length.
10. Blend the tip with a cotton bud dipped in acetone then gently file to finish.
11. Remove dust with sanitiser and prime natural nail.
12. Apply the acryclic in 2 or 3 zones leaving a gap round the edges.
13. Use a file to buff down over the nail and shape the free edge.
14. Buff with white block.
15. apply cutice oil to entire nail and buff with 3 way shiner.

Is this correct?

Thanks guys


can someone confirm whether this correct please? I have to leave to go to my Mums in 20 minutes and I am really nervous.

Thanks xxx
Out of interest can number ten not cause a later service breakdown?????
Lisa, you don't mention who you've trained with. This is how I was taught(is that spelt right?) with Creative:-

1) Sanitise hands (yours and clients)
2) Apply Cuticle Remover and gently push back cuticles, file nail edge, remove shine with buffer
3) Apply Scrubfresh on lint free pad, scrub nail plate to cleanse, dehydrate and eliminate pathogens
4) Select tip
5) Pre taylor if required and adhere to tip
6) Cut, shape, blend
7) Apply L&P to zones 1,2&3
8) Perfect outline, smooth surface, buff, finish with Girlfriend Buffer.

Hope this helps
Who did you train with?? Surely you did at least one set on your training day?? And what about your paperwork, you must have come away with lots and lots of hand written notes/computer hand outs, you know - step by step guides etc.??

Step 3: Push back cuticles - the cuticle needs removing not pushing back surely??

Also, Is it right that you are removing dust with a sanitiser and not a brush??

I could be wrong, but that is not the way I have been trained (NVQ)...

Sorry I was'nt around earlier to help, but hope you got on ok!!

Lisa it will really help others help you if you complete your profile in.

this helps us understand how accomplished you are and what products you have trained you get the right advice...

Go on give it a go, dont be shy...

Didnt you get a manual after your course outlining everything you have been taught, no course worth there salt should leave the student to have to commit it to memory, I would email who ever taught you and ask for some course notes.


Claire x
Lisa i agree with the others when i did my creative course we had loads of notes including a table set up so that we could keep refering to if need b also pushing back the cuticle is correct but u need to remove all tissue on the nail plate for any product to stick to it also creative do not teach u to blend using acetone on a cotton bud to help melt the tip

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