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Jan 9, 2003
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Man am I on a roll tonight? This is the third News post I have made! Woo freaking who I sense you say...

Well, you will woo hoo once you see what I have added... Thats right... a slew of Technotes from Doug Schoon.
You can find these in the Technotes thread in the articles section of the website (click Site Stuff then Articles).

Here, I will save you the trouble of having to find it... click here
Cheers Sam.......................
A Tech can never have to many notes..and these are brill............
Thanks from the bottom of my resin bottle for that ...........
Well I just love these. Thanks!

I particularly found the formaldehyde piece useful. I will use the info as a sales tool and convince my clients that they should never try any other product again!!!!

Do you know if it is the toluene or the formaldehyde that causes yellowing?
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