Electrical modalities when pregnant?


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Dec 30, 2011
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i have a therapist who is pregnant at the moment. we are due to bring in new electrical facials and advanced therapies soon and just wondering which ones is she contraindicated from PERFORMING. i can find lots of info from the clients point of view but what about the therapist who is performing them?
the new therapies will be galvanic/sonophorosis, microcurrent, high frequency & led.

thank you
None as far as I know but if you're concerned, check with the manufacturers x
I think they'll be fine. Maybe avoid indirect high frequency or anything else where the therapist might be exposed to current. I know again it is a low level but sonopheresis, if in contact with a blade or side plate and the skin, can form a loop where a small charge is running between machine and therapist. But as squidgernetball says always best to ask the manufacturer and just check with your insurer about your liability too. :)
I was told by Dermalogica that microcurrent (used in their new treatment) cannot be used when pregnant , I found this very strange but I can't find anything else to back this up .
Did they definitely mean that a pregnant therapist can't use it? I'd contact dermalogica. I've done Caci training (microcurrent, led, microdermabrasion) and Environ (sonopheresis and galvanic) training and both were fine for pregnant therapists to use x

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