Ive just opened a shop and paid £300 for our first bill which took us till 13th April, just got another bill in from eon and its come in at £238.55

There is only 1 stylist and 1 therapist in a tiny unit! This seems really high as my last salon was on two floors with 15 sections and three beauty rooms and it never come to this amount?

How can i find out who will be cheaper?


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Is this from an actual meter reading or have they estimated the reading. I would start here first and then have a look online and shop around, one of the comparison sites like Uswitch might be able to help. Check the readings though! ;)


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this will be an estimated bill based on what the premises was using under its previous tennant, if you give them your meter readings they will adjust the amount accordingly
I own a place that the previous tennant was using 150 a month and had exactly the same thing happen to me, they based it on the previous tennants usage but I only use it for storage and use less than £20 a quarter :D:D
took a few months to sort out but now i and them are happy


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Is this an estimated reading by them?
I had a call from eon yersterday and they informed me the i owed them £1775, I really keeld over until I realised I hadn't had anybody read my meter for nearly 9 months.
Gave them the actuall reading and it turned out i was £300 in credit because I pay a monthly DD.
Double check that they have the right readings.