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May 19, 2008
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Hi geeks, not sure if this is in the right forum. I am popping over from the hair forum looking for advice. My grandmother has a few dark hairs on her chin and top of her lips and it drives her mad! She uses veet and has tried lots of stuff but it doesn't work. Can anyone give me information on electrolysis? I see you can buy your own machine but can you really do it yourself? I'm guessing not! Does it work in one treatment? X
It is best carried out by a trained and experienced electrologist.
It is most certainly not a good idea to carry out yourself for one of two reason. Either the machine will not be strong enough to do the job or it will be strong enough to scar in untrained hands.
It is not a one off treatment but it is the ONLY method of permanent hair removal.
Ok thank you, do you know how much the treatment is? X
It varies with each practitioner. I charge £16 for a minimum 15 minute appointment.
You can buy a machine to treat yourself? Really?! Where from?

Are you sure it is not 'Tweezer Epilation'. If so that is something completely different from electrolysis. Sterile disposable needles are used in electrolysis I couldnt even begin to imagine how an untrained hand could correctly insert a needle into the hair follicle!

I use the blend method and have been doing so successfully for many years. As Lynne says it is the only PERMANENT method of hair removal.

Try and find a good experienced electrologist in your area and take her along for a consultation.
I dont charge for consultations. I charge a min of £15 for a 15 min treatment and then £1 a minute there on.
British Institute And Association of Electrolysis.


The should be able to help you with a good practitioner.
Thank you for all your advice, I saw things on amazon but thought they wouldn't be very good, it's like hair, you can buy things to do your hair yourself at home but its not recommend and not very good! I will have a look around my area x

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