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Jun 11, 2012
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I have a trade test and interview for my very first salon job at a very prestigious spa tomorrow and I'm curious to know, have you ever conducted an interview/trade test and somebody has said or done something that you have really liked? I'm looking for any tips that could really impress tomorrow!
I'm not an employer but when I got a job at the last spa I worked at, the spa manager said that my hand and arm massage was what made her hire me, I spend most of the time on the inside of the wrist and palm. She said my file and polish was awful but because of the massage she hired me! And I suppose just be nice and chatty, try and get to know the client, see if you can 'rebook'. I know it may be a trade test but if you can make it as much of a real treatment as possible they can see your potential.

Hope this helps!
As an employer first impression count so big smiles and smart dress.

Secondly prepare yourself for a few curve balls, the last Therapist I trade tested did 5 hours of all different treatments, I have people booked in that I'd not wrote in the book to see how she managed and we actually had one or two walk in's as well.. keep calm under pressure and be chatty but not too chatty, I did trade test someone who took 20mins to do an eyebrow shape as they were getting the customers life story... so know your treatment times and audience

Good luck
What would me take someone on would be if they could sell products, rebook clients and keep themselves booked up with clients without any complaints. They were trustworthy and reliable. They would also ideally be trained in a few extra treatments and work to a high standard

Simple as that! just wish there was a few therapists out there that fit the bill

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