Enhancements on men, any tips or advice for me?


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Feb 3, 2006
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Is there something I should do differently....have a gentleman coming tomorrow morning for enhancements on his right hand, he plays guitar.

Just wondered if there was some advice from you all about whether I should tip or sculpt, first time client so I have no idea will have to wait till tomorrow to do the consult.


i have never done enhancements on a man but i think the main things to consider would be the width of the nail beds and how this would affect the application of tips (do you have them wide enough?) and also how this may affect sculpting and applying the forms which may need some pre-tayloring to fit if nails were very wide?

Apart from this I think I would assess the nails as if I was doing a female....

Hope that helps.... a bit!!

all the best

Hope that helps a bit!
Good point, didn't think of the wider beds, thanks!
Reading your thread, I was trying to figure out what color of powder I'd use. . .



I'd definately sculpt. Let us know how it comes out. See if he will let you take a picture.


I have three fellas that i do.. so anything you want to know just ask.. i have pretty much troubleshot everything so far!

For guitar players what they are after is strength and sound (the sound the nail makes on the string).. so initially i did tips.. as i wasn't very good at sculpting.. and tips are pretty much what picks are made out of..
Zone 2 has to be where the strength lays.. but you also must build up the tip..
Now that i am sculpting the strength and longevity of the nail is 10 fold.. and tbh if you are looking at it from a completely different perspective..you will find you can build the perfect enhancement for strength by going more for a barrel shape in zone 2 and 1.. zone 3 must be balanced with the other zones but still melt into the cuticle..
PREP.. PREP.. and prep.. it must be top notch!
Shape, i have found squoval to be the most hard wearing.. and colour.. well i have 2 natural all the way and one who like black..

Dont forget to tweak the other fingers as part of your service.. clean up the cuticles.. and give them a buff.. that way you can charge as a whole service.. i charge a standard mini mani and 3 enhancements..

Talk to them.. make sure they know that between the two of you, you will get the desired effect you are after but it may take a few appointments to troubleshoot any issues that arise.. and give them an after care sheet that involves home care..

ask them what length they want, but suggest working up to a desired length rather then going straight for really long.. they need to learn how to use the fingers too!

Good Luck.. my black fingered boy is one of my fav clients.. :green:
Hi, I have a man who has nail enhancements and I think he just loves the pampering he just has short ones with a natural edge , just nice and clean looking , I try to keep it as simple as possible using natural sheer pink and natural white ,
good luck :hug: .

OH littlegrohl I am just drooling over your Davids picture again and again and again :green: He really suits the hat mmmmm he's such hunky dunky :lol: lol
:hug: x minky ,


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