ESA claim online?

Hi I've just tried applying for universal credit which I dont think I'll get because of my partners income. I want to apply for ESA but can't seem to do it online. I'm so angry.

New Spa

I feel your anger, me too. I am single and was refused universal credits on the basis I just had a hip replacement a week go so am not fit for work. I assumed I could then get sick pay, but because I am late with a return that's a big no, so I then assumed that it would then go back to universal credit means tested, but no, that was also refused. I never claimed benefits in over 25 years, was born in Manchester and been self employed paying my taxes for over 15 years.

There's rumours (more bullshit most likely) that something is going to be mentioned on Thursday this week for specifically self employed in to help us now. Fingers crossed its true, as waiting to put my tax return in and being helped in December/January doesn't put food on my table now or pay any of my bills now. And it's not like I can get a job in a supermarket with crutches and unable to walk more than 20 paces,