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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Just finished the UK Creative Institute 2003 and am honestly knackered.
We had delegates from the UK, Ireland, and the US of A.

Thought it would be worth mentioning some of the Award winners here on the site.
Best Enhancements - Nikki Portway - UK
Best Presentation - Danette Schmidt - USA
Best Academics - Keri O'Neil - Ireland
Best Overall - Justine Crick - UK
Inspiration - Danette Schmidt - USA

All in all I have to say it way the best group of Instituties I have had the honour of teaching. Ill be a little low profile over the next couple of days as I re-acclimate myself to life outside of a conference centre.

Welcome back Sam,
We missed ya loads........ if you want it more heart felt then you have to pay me another 5er......
Only kidding.............
Nice Results for the Uk Techies well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh that doesn't mean I dont congratulate the others, which I do whole heartedly,but hey I am in the Uk so UK is where my heart is
Love Ruth xxxxx
Well done, son.

Only I can truly appreciate the mental and physical effort involved in a 6 day training programme .... glad you are doing it now and not me!!!

I know you will have got the very best from all the attendees and I bet they are as knackered as you!! Nearly.

It was wonderful meeting all of them last week.
Now go and enjoy your new office!!
What is the Creative Institute of 2003 (ok I know what the 2003 stands for :D)

Congratulations to one and all, but especially Justine Crick of Nailmasters. I worked for Justine and Karen just after I gained my Masters as Rachel, their other tek, fell down some stairs and broke her wrist (I think)!!

Sounds like she is doing just fine............

...In a nutshell it's a 'train the trainers' 6 day intesive learning course!! Anyone of us who represents CND as an Education Ambassador has had to go through this training :shock: Those of us who did it years ago lovingly refer to it as 'Boot Camp' and all of us say it's our 'Worst Best Experience' OR 'Best Worst Experience' depending on how you want to look at it - I did my CI in the states under Jan Arnolds tuition and it was one of the best things I ever did in my life!! - also the most intensive, under pressured hardest things I ever had to do :rolleyes: Anyway, it is the way CND train the most Kick A** Ambassadors across the world and when done and finished - we are all honored and proud to represent CND!! Hmmm hope I explained that OK!! :D
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