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Apr 14, 2004
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St Lawrence Bay, Essex
I would just like to say what a great time i had last night at the essex meeting at Debs house it was great to meet other nail geeks. U r all great people and without this site am sure many would have given up by now if we could not get great advice of fellow nail geeks with problems we have all had with various nail troubles. Next meeting at mine in approx 5-6 weeks c u ALL then have a great day
Hey Jackie, you beat me to it (i didnt get up as early as anticipated :o ) - i was going to post a thread!!

Like you i thoroughly enjoyed the evening and putting names to faces was great. I feel i've found some great friends and will definitely be up for meeting at yours!

Most importantly i would like to extend a huge thanx to Debs for her hospitality and for getting this organised for us - THANK YOU!!!
hi girls just woken up!!!!!!!!!!! what an excellent nite thouroughly enjoyed myself and every1 is great, cant wait to see you all again x

Thanks Debs, your the best x
Hey Guys,

Have to say i was up at about 7.45 unfortunately, mainly with all the stuff i'd learn't wizzing about in my head. I've already sent a text to Debs for the extent of her very generous hospitality holding the meeting at her home. ( and for the fact that Kelly and myself didn't leave untill 12.30....sorry Debs.)

I have certainly met some wonderful people and really have met some great new friends.

You just try and stop me going to the next one, see you soon Jackie.
Thanks guys........I had a great time and not bothered about the time I was kept up. I know I was tired but its also stimulating to get together with people with a likewise passion so you could have stayed as long as you liked.
Can`t wait for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi everyone

I would also like to thank Debs for her hospitality, it was a great evening and looking forward to seeing you all again at the next meeting.

Take care x
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