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Whats your opinion of ExCel 2003?

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The Geek

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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK

Arrived back from London's ExCel Professional Beauty/Nail show from this past weekend.
Out of all of the freaking shows I have done in the past... This one has to have been the funnest.

To the countless Geekettes (in and out of Layla's superb Geekwear) I can only say... you rock for making the time to say a quick 'hi'. It was too cool to see the site has helped to cultivate so many friendships.

To Ruth and Faye: You guys rock for your placements in the competition with Fabric#. I thought your nails were gorgeous... Guess the judges thought they were pretty nice as well as they thought they were Liquid and Powder. In all honesty... I thought it was a bit pants that they lumped Wraps in with Liquid and Powder anyway.

To Marco, Nikki, Justine, and anyone I have just spaced off (as well as to the others that placed, but were not announced)... Congratulations on your accomplishments.
Nikki won Sculpting, Marco won Tipping, and Justine won Winner o Winners.

To Liza... You are a true competitor mentor that always wins hands down.

Cheers to Antony who gave me a couple of stellar specialty items for creating wicked C-Curves whilst sculpting... they are tres cool.

The only disapointment to the day was the black tie awards that evening. It would have been nice to have watched the award go to someone who has made a decent contribution to the industry like Jaqui Jefford.

As soon as I get the Press Release for all competitors for the comp... Ill post a followup to the results.

Congrats to all... and thanks. :p

Here is another thread regarding the show.
Just edited the above message and thought I would stick a poll up about the ordeal :p

I must admit, from a consumers point of view, I prefer the quieter shows. I like to be able to shop without feeling I have done ten rounds with Frank Bruno LOL.

But from a company's point of view it must have been great for you - better than Coventry - eh Sam LOL.

But the effect you have on people - that poor girl - the minute you held her hand she felt faint LOL - I hope she is alright.

It was good to see you all again, even with the little blonde moment you had dropping your dappen dish. :D
I love exhibitions but that was the best one for me by far and its all down to this board. Because of the geeks I now have more friends AND with the same passion, how good is that.
It was like heaven walking round in a room full of people with the same passion in life AND knowing a few too
I love Excel 8)

Easy to get to :thumbsup:
Oodles of parking :thumbsup:
Good size venue :thumbsup:
.............and lots of lovely nails!! :sunny:

The downside?
The food caterers are PANTS :tongue:

The upside?
I know they're PANTS so I bring my own :salute:

Dizzy Dellie :king:
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